July 2018

This month I have to ask you a question about sex. Which is, for you, the best part of it? Many would say that the best part of sex is coming together, others, like Francesco Alberoni (the author of the italian book Erotismo) affirm that the best part of sex is contained in an image, the act of touching, by the male sex, of the mouth of the uterus of a woman. So I repeat, what is for you the best way to represent sexual harmony?

June 2018

Those days will bring you a very intuitive and emphatic lover, he will know what you like to do just the moment before you realize it and will give you the pleasant feeling to do not have to ask to receive what you want. It will be a precious time. He or she will be happy to give you back a sweet gesture, and a desiring glance that will fulfill your life with reciprocity.