July 2018

In the next month you will discover cybersex, you will find new friends on the internet and you will start chatting. But some of them will ask you for more so you will have to set up a setting, silently in your room, a place for the computer, a place for you and some lights to light up your body. At the end of the month you will enjoy so much the play that you will buy underwear specifically for this kind of pleasure. Don’t get downhearted by who is asking to much from you, you will find the right lover even this way.

June 2018

In the coming weeks you’ll come in the hands of an experienced lover. Someone who know how to touch you to make you cry of pleasure and someone who will be grateful for every orgasm you’ll produce as if it was an “I love you” hidden inside your disclosed mouth. Love is a mystery that no gesture can explain better than the experience of dependency from the pleasure of your loving one.