July 2018

In the next four weeks you’ll be caught in a discussion with your friends about cybersex and the difference between it and real sex. Some of your friends will be traditional and will consider cybersex at the level of masturbation and nothing more, some other will consider it stimulating and creative. You don’t have a real opinion but you consider cybersex more difficult to realize than real sex, as there are more variables included. You think you have to become a movie’s director to realize an embrace in the internet?

June 2018

The passion of your lover this week will hurt you in the body, and you’ll see the blood flow out of your wound and you’ll be scared by the consequence of this strong passion. It will be just a moment cause your lover will hold you and ask for your forgiveness in a way so sweet that you’ll forget everything in just a moment. He will heal your wound and clean your body together with you under the shower. Take this moment with you along the day for it’s sweetness.