Pisces - May 2021

Your next lover, Pisces, will be an elected minister, but not an ordinary one, he will be anarchist. Full of contradiction in his political party besides in his mind, he will handle his power for the rights of the people to access health treatments and health assistance. His power will be short timed but very representative.

Aquarius - May 2021

Your next lover, Aquarius, will be an historian who is studying an exorcism in Rome in the 19th century. He is writing a book about it. The book is fully documented, every narrated fact has really happened, as if the protagonist, possessed by the devil, was to be respected as the history told through her story has to be respected.

Capricorn - May 2021

You’ll find two new lovers in the coming month, Capricorn. One will be a free and responsible man, and the other will be a servant. One, after kissing you, will ask: “What happens next?”, and the other will ask: “Have i done the right thing?”. You choose who is who.

Sagittarius - May 2021

Your next lover, Sagittarius, will be a musician and composer for piano. His model will be Debussy, and he will be turning poetry into music, as his hero has done at the end of the 19th century, composing a kind of music that has been enjoyed only a century later.

Scorpio - May 2021

In the next month, Scorpio, you will find yourself diving into a crime atmosphere, where your lover is a detective,with many hidden characteristic and a problem with a serial killer to solve. Pulp culture will be his everyday bread and at the end of the month, he will brilliantly solve the issue.

Libra - May 2021

Your next lover, Libra, will be a german from a family who escaped Romania during Ceausescu’s tyranny. He will be a very simple person, attached to nature, able, after years of exclusion and humiliation as an immigrant, to care about little things in life.

Virgo - May 2021

Your new lover, Virgo, is passionate about cinema. He has been in Venice during the Biennial and in that occasion he found some documentation in the archive about a drama, organized by the Biennial in a chemical industry nearby in 1974. It was Othello, by Shakespeare. Many critics said, at the time, that it was the hardest manner to introduce industry workers to culture, but some interview to the public of the show was reporting that the culture from which they were excluded in schools was at least in piece taken back to them.

Leo - May 2021

Your next lover, Leo, will be a scholar. He studies the late roman empire, in which culture has moved to Costantinopolis for the barbaric war in Italy. He is studing Boetius, a great thinker and philosopher, who spent the last years of his life in prison, waiting to be killed for deception by the authorities. He wrote a book about the consolation of philosophy. In those dark days he still saw the light in it.

Cancer - May 2021

In the next month you’ll find a lover, Cancer, who studies Euler, a mathematician of the 18th century, so famous that the definition of the PI depends on him. He was even smarter than Newton and he wrote only in latin. To read his books your lover will be taking a latin course.

Gemini - May 2021

Your next lover, Gemini, is a judge. He is very centered in law and decision making following the rules of reasonableness. In this period of history, he is very sensible in making decisions that prioritize health, freedom, or economical growth. It is difficult to distinguish the most important aspect to take under consideration, cause everyone of those aspects relate to life and death of people.