Pisces - June 2021

Your next lover, Pisces, is a writer who doesn’t believe in the rule of the six degrees between every person in the world. He thinks we only live in solitude, and the degrees between one and the other is composed of more than six thousands people.

Aquarius - June 2021

Your next lover, Aquarius, is a functionaire of a trade union who’s studying Philipe Lotmar, a german scholar about the justice of labour. He thinks that lately, with globalization, we have forgotten many of his teachings.

Capricorn - June 2021

Your next lover, Capricorn, is a political theorist who sustains that the liberal and democratic culture in the US is allowing, with its omissions, the culture of the strong and exceptional man to grow to its autocratic side without opposing it. Your lover thinks that the United States are not immune from tyranny and that they have to be kept aware like every other country.

Sagittarius - June 2021

Your next partner, Sagittarius, is a theorist of transgression, he studies the tantra movement in India, with its psycho-physical practice (yoga), the meditative formulas (mantra), the mystical diagrams (màndala) and the symbolic diagrams (yantra). These practices have spread in the whole India, between Buddhists, Hinduists and Muslims.

Scorpio - June 2021

Your next lover, Scorpio, is a translator. He usually translates manuals and technical stuff, but he has a hobby: translating literature. He is now translating Durrenwatt, a novel about the Minotaur, an image of half man and half bull of the classical greek mythology.

Libra - June 2021

In the next month, Libra, you’ll find a lover who is psychologist. He studies the distortion of perceptions in his patients with the help of the paintings of Pieter Bruegel and Hieronymus Bosch. He will tell you a lot of differents point of view of the paintings, by his current patients, everyone with a different history and distortion to be shown.

Virgo - June 2021

Your next lover, Virgo, will be a fortune-teller. He uses experience, imagination and taste to predict the future of people, an ancient art. And although there are plenty of essays which tells you to be aware of the danger that such activity can put you through, you believe him.

Leo - June 2021

Your next lover, Leo, will be an employer of the  italian government, who is writing some new law about foreign investments. In this new law it is the government who owns the last word for making a foreign investment from Italy, but you’re against this rule cause you believe in free and competitive market. There is big space for discussion!

Cancer - June 2021

In the next month, Cancer, you’ll find a lover that is interested in the economic sustainability of capitalism in the US. He says that to have economic dignity people are too used to giving up their fundamental rights, like caring for a newborn for the mother and assisting ancient parents.

Gemini - June 2021

Your next lover, Gemini, will be a lawyer who dedicates all his time to cases of domestic violence. He says that this is the drama of our times naming children murdered and traumatized and victims that cannot find a way out even with the support of the people around them. We have, in his words, the need to find a way to live in brotherhood.

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