Taurus - May 2021

In the next month, Taurus, you’ll meet a lover who is passionate about Z. Bauman’s idea of open space to discussion. He thinks that there have been and there are now, too many walls in the world. And they seem made for wild animals, more than for humans.

Aries - May 2021

Your next lover, Aries, will be a theorist about Democracy in the 21th century. He thinks about postmodern democracy without a central state, to which you have to negotiate your freedom, but as a power divided between town and counties, represented by an assembly periodically drawn by case between volunteers. You don’t like this idea, it seems to you more like a soviet than a representative democracy.

Pisces - April 2021

Your next lover, Pisces, will be obsessed by thoughts about the apocalypse and by how many things in our life are actually out of our control. Besides those weird thoughts you will recognize a person who intimately knows what attachment is and you will teach him to appreciate the little habits, the simple rituals that build up our everyday living where everything is still behind our control.

Aquarius - April 2021

Your next lover, Aquarius, is an art collector who is forced by politicians to sell every piece of art he owns after a long war, lost by his country. He is an art activist, against the destruction of archeological sites in the last decade by Talibans and before by Mao’s army in the name of the ever spreading idealism.

Capricorn - April 2021

In this month, Capricorn, you’ll be forced to choose between two friends, as your lovers. The first one will be a very successful and aggressive person, with many followers on social media and living in a world where everything is an image, where you get forgotten in one second and that’s your worst nightmare. The second potential lover collects more failure in life but he is an idealist, he has got strong opinions, he is more introvert but more affectively available.

Sagittarius - April 2021

Your next lover, Sagittarius, will take you with him in the realm of human perversion, searching for a way to sublimate his soul and body to an image of himself that he wants to build in the eyes of others. Getting caught in this trap will suddenly obscure all your intimate desires, sacrificing them to this image. Reality is a convention but you are more worth than an instrument of his mind and pleasure.

Scorpio - April 2021

In the next month, Scorpio, you’ll find a lover who is a literary scholar, he loves Dante Alighieri and the middle age. He sustains that this author has made concrete the search for happiness and love that humanity embodies, and that he was a truthful connoisseur of the situation of the catholic church, which during his life has been moved from Italy to France, exihiliated as Dante himself was.

Libra - April 2021

Your next lover, Libra, will be passionate about liberalism, he is reading a book about Italian liberalists like Einaudi or Croce and his opinion is that they are too divided between individualism and idealism. They seem not to find a balance between the universal spirit of idealism and the more empirical point of view of the people and their desires.

Virgo - April 2021

Your next lover, Virgo, is passionate about the comparison of different law systems around the globe. He sustains that you shouldn’t be too patriotic looking at your law system, instead you should compare different kinds of them with their convergences and divergences, and taking somehow into account both the historical part of law, and the bureaucratic and administrative part of it.

Leo - April 2021

Next month will be one of the studies of the painters of the end of ‘800 and the beginning of ‘900. The one who will interest you and your lover  more is Giovanni Battista Lusieri, who portrayed the most beautiful greek sculpture and monuments, and sadly helped the british officials to steal them from Athen.