Virgo - October 2019

Your next achievement in you sex life is a person who doesn’t seem too much, he is handsome but he is sad, cause he has had a loss in his family or something similar. It will be you the one who makes the first move, because in his eyes you can see that behind his sorrow there are big and wild passions, still disappointed but however they have been strong in the past and they are still strong enough to charm you. Help this guy to come over those delusions and you will have a good time together.

Leo - October 2019

In the coming month you will find yourself involved in a triangle, you are happily accompanied with a beautiful guy but your routine, from much time established, has begun to bore you. You will find another guy, with which you find yourself at the best, but soon you will find out that your new guy is talking with your boyfriend and giving him advice to keep staying with you. You will find yourself into a soul war, and you won’t trust this new guy any more, you will think that he has wasted all the secrets about yourself you unbosomed to him.

Cancer - October 2019

In those days you’ll find a new lover, very clever and elegant, an entrepreneur from Bangladesh, for being specific from Calcutta. Did you know that in the past century Calcutta was famous for its communists? They were filo-marxist, not that much for China’s side, but they were strong with a large influence on the culture. The parent of this entrepreneur will be communist and so will be his background. Do you find yourself comfortable with it?

Gemini - October 2019

This month your partner will ask you to change one little but recurrent habit that you have towards him. It could be that you call him “my treasure” or something like that. It will be difficult to do it cause you’re used to have this habit but with every attempt you’ll become better. Maybe it will take more than a month but you will accomplish the task for him and your love…

Taurus - October 2019

This horoscope is for letting you know about a little problem that will present itself in the coming months. You’ll be dreaming about a new robot, with artificial intelligence. A robot that you can model with the personality you like and that is made for your entertainment. He will be able to make sex with you. In those days you’ll be tempted to dedicate all your time to this new lover, without having to care about a real relation. Yes because a relation is always a give to take, but you prefer the absence of this constraint. Be careful cause in your life you need relation, and constructive one in particular.

Aries - October 2019

In the coming month you will not only find a new partner, but you will find two of them. They will be very different one from the other, both very successful in their field. One of them will be a scientist, an academic taken by the articles published in Nature and the prestige of the university he is working with. The other one will be a writer, a journalist and a passionate for history. The second one will be wise and calm, always with an answer to your question but never excessive. The first one will always be competing with the others. So which of this new partners do you prefer Aries?

Pisces - September 2019

Have a good time Pisces because it is very interesting what will happen to you next time you’ll find a partner, you’ll meet one of the actual oligarchy of our time, a scientist. Hell be a little fat, but with a strong character and very serious principles, everything is testable, confirm-able, and can be reduced to simple causes. He reminds me of a book i read in my youth, Empire, written by Deleuze, which speaks about the new power of doctors and scientists..

Aquarius - September 2019

This month a weird think will shake your life and make you see things from a new point of view. You will meet a young man, sure of himself and full of bad habits that you can keep only at his age. You’ll be charmed but you will not be the only one, a friend of your is in love with this dude too! This will cause a great division in your group of friends a2nd a new era will begin in your life, you’ll start trusting new people and changing everything!

Capricorn - September 2019

The next month will be a valuable time to think about a special concept: the concept of orgasm, listen while you come to the deep call inside your body, the feeling of touching the root of life, which can generate a new life but comes always along with a deep sense of death too, as life is always accompanied with this feeling of immense fragility, especially in that moment.

Sagittarius - September 2019

You’ll experience something strange, in this month, you will know a young man, in a pub, he is very graceful and you will fall in love with all your heart but after that he will bring you in his house, you will make love but he won’t speak too much, a silent passion is in his body, then he will take you in his garage, where he has a canvas and a support for it, he will say to you to lay in the sofa just in front of it. he will start drawing something on the canvas, without a word, maybe for five minutes. than he will put down the brush and say to you that he has to go, naturally and easily. He will have drown the most perfect part of you into a collage that has to achieve the perfection of beauty.