Scorpio - September 2019

In those days you’ll find that your new lover is involved in writing noir stories.. He want to take you to a meeting in a library with one of his idols: Carlo Lucarelli. You’ll find yourself surrounded by writers that can’t wait to find the next noir event in theirs life, your lover is always speaking about death and terrible people. And you start thinking, where has he taken so much aggressivity? Is up to you, to speak with him my friend…

Libra - September 2019

This September you’ll find a new partner, very joyfull, he like classic music and excursions in the mountains, he has a wood in his house, and really loves nature. One day he will take you to a little wood in the mountains, and he will ask to make love there. The day will be sunny and as a joke you take it happily, but you notice, after, that he holds a tree! From the initial surprise you start thinking that he has a real relationships with the trees and the vegetables, it’s like if they were his friends. That day, in the wood he asked you to make an orgy with the nature.

Virgo - September 2019

This month you’ll meet a collectionist. He collects ancient books and art works. He is brilliant and clever, and always searching for a hidden treasure. He’ll keep you up untill late speaking with his acute mind, like the protagonist of The Ninth Gate he will be though devoted to his mission and the passion for you will only occupy a part of his soul…

Leo - September 2019

This month you’ll entertain too much yourself with an attendant of an irish pub around your house. He is strong and secure, he moves like a black panther. You both speak and make love like in paradise, but there is something when he sais: “you see my skin, it is not black, it is dark but not fully black” that makes you think that this little american has interiorized the racism even in own etny.

Cancer - September 2019

This week you will find out more of this little guy you are used to see each evening, he’s only 19 years old but he seems 25. He is very traditionalist and reactionary, always searching for some to exclude from his round of friends, but very uthopical about his dreams and the future of the society. How much weight do you give to this principles? Can you fight for them with him?

Gemini - September 2019

This month you’ll meet an Arabic lover, he won’t be religious, and not a sustainer of poligamy, instead he will be very material and attached to his experience. He’ll be devoted and very passionate for your body in bed. Do you have any lead of this old culture:ancient modern Arabs? like Averroé…

Taurus - September 2019

For you the planets are moving in a surprising manner, you’ll meet new people and you will find a new partner, an entrepreneur with a beautiful car and some plans to realize. But you are lucky, this person is not just a narcissistic dude but he cares for his investments, his time and you… Try learning as much as possible from this situation.

Aries - September 2019

What can i say to you? You are in love from one year and now you found out a way to make your partner come more mechanically than ever, but at least you’re provoking an orgasm…

And you are happy and your partner is happy as well! Go on my dear and find more and more ways!

Pisces - July 2018

This month your lover will be an artist, like Ingmar Bergman, a movie director, a painter, an intellectual . This will mean that he will have something that comes before you in his mind, and then you. You will make him feel ore secure, you will seduce him with your tricks and you will seldom make passionate love with him. Seldom because he will be more taken by his work than from the desire he has for you. But you will be patients and fill him with tenderness.

Aquarius - July 2018

In the coming month you and your partner will achieve a higher level of sexual awareness. You are together from one year already and you have come to that point when you don’t any more make love every 5 minutes: you take your time, you look each other in the eyes when ou come, even if you don’t come together, you wait for the right moment for making love. Enjoy this time of your relationship and take the fulfilling part of your making love!