July 2020

Dear Aquarius, your next month will be populated by a psychologist, one belonging to the side of Jung, that with his knowledge will be facing a difficult familiar situation. His parents are both dead and they have left the bigger part of their heritage to the brother. He doesn’t apparently know the reason for such a cliche but he will be investigating and he will find out the truth that neither he nor his brother want to admit.

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June 2020

In the next month you’ll find a scholar, as a new partner, a person who studies the renaissance, and in particular the censorship in this era. Indeed literary works like the one of Ariosto, or Boccaccio, have been greatly betrayed by their readers, especially catholics one, who substituted their reference to sex and love, to money and desire for richness, with more acceptable prose to the time. It’s a history of betrayal and passion for literature.

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May 2020

In the coming weeks, Aquarius, you’ll be involved with an historian, a scholar of the myth, he will be following the assumptions of C.F.Dupuis who sustains the myth is originating in the science. To be more specific, he says that the myth is starting from the knowledge of the universe, of the stars and planets and their movement in the sky. That is not a trivial point of view, do you think?

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April 2020

The next lover you’ll find will be an historian of the theme of coins and money. He will study from the ancient times, when commerce whas mere barter to the time of modern bitcoins and their speculative purpose around the world. His field will be full of insights on human nature and the nature of culture in the modern and ancient world.

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March 2020

In the coming weeks you’ll find a lover which is very problematic, he is an American journalist, who writes for many newspapers but is really poor and works as a contractor. He says that his work is always paid less, as the crisis of the newspapers goes on in competitions with google and social media. The fake news interest more people than quality journalism and that’s his problem, as he is really a professional that researches the content of his writings and who doesn’t try only to “sell” but even tries to do a good job. This kind of work is undervalued nowadays.

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February 2020

The next month will see you involved with an old style libertine (like Voltaire to make a famous example). He will be very poetic and full of admiration for the beauty he sees in all the different people he meets in his life. But there is a bad side of his freedom, he lives the desire as something deep and personal, that can throw his in an immense desperation if he is refused and cannot fulfill his fantasies. This type of love is a heritage of a catholic culture mixed with modern though. It’s up to you to enjoy it.

Folklore & Mythology

January 2020

A long time ago you and your partner decided to make a trip to South-east Asia, and now you find yourself in Sri Lanka where there is a big community of both christians and Buddhists. Your partner will insist in going to visit sacred places for all and you will find yourself surrounded of SriLanka’s families, with children and young people, going to give reverence to their gods. It will be a good starting point to reconcile yourself with religion, and society, as the religion is the fondament of society in some cultures, it is still not considered obscurantism, and it is seen as wisdom. Your relation with your partner will benefit from this accomplishment and you will be able to make love with an eye to spirituality and moral that will ensure that your relationship is built on solid basis.

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December 2019

This December will be very spiritual from your side. You will come to know, and make love with, the chief of a religious organization. The organization is not that big but because it speaks about spirit you will not trust this person completely, you will think he is making love with you to get his power more strong on the people around him, but, there is a but, the work he speaks are something that make you think a lot. His motto will be: “when you will stop running you will arrive.”

November 2019

This November, you’ll find yourself in a very embarrassing situation. You’ve found a new lover, behind the back of your boyfriend that doesn’t know anything about it. You are happy but you will find yourself in a public place with your new lover and the friends of your boyfriend. You will have to consider your priorities cause in this situation is not easy to make a great figure in any manner. Be prepared.

October 2019

This October will be a month on evaluations, you will fall in love with a writer, but not a novelist like Irvine Welsh, rebel and romantic, but a writer more inspired by wise men like Gadda, more attached to ethics with moral and society in it’s great communitarian instincts. Take this journey into awareness deeper than you can.

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