September 2019

This month a weird think will shake your life and make you see things from a new point of view. You will meet a young man, sure of himself and full of bad habits that you can keep only at his age. You’ll be charmed but you will not be the only one, a friend of your is in love with this dude too! This will cause a great division in your group of friends a2nd a new era will begin in your life, you’ll start trusting new people and changing everything!

July 2018

In the coming month you and your partner will achieve a higher level of sexual awareness. You are together from one year already and you have come to that point when you don’t any more make love every 5 minutes: you take your time, you look each other in the eyes when ou come, even if you don’t come together, you wait for the right moment for making love. Enjoy this time of your relationship and take the fulfilling part of your making love!

June 2018

This time the astrological previsions will predict for you a new, energetic and very sticky partner. He’ll be always messaging to you, he will complain about his work and provide you with funny jokes and clever entertainment. But he well be too sticky for you so after some meetings and some sex you’ll be tired of him. Don’t try to change his affliction with his work and his stickiness. Just abandon this new lover!!!!

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