Aries - December 2019

In this cold month you will find a partner very interesting, an antique books dealer that has a business in this field. He has an open space full of ancient books, furnished with both antique furniture and design furniture, to show his books to intellectual and passionate collectors from all over the world. He is very polite and deep and loves the tradition of you personality and the culture you have absorbed in your youth.

Aries - November 2019

In the coming month you will meet two types of lover, a very calm and rich of culture one, listening to classical music and looking at the stars with his instrumentation, in the summer weekend. And an other type, who likes sport and events, and never stops looking for distraction, in a world that gives him what he wants, with television, internet and cinema, the sport show is always alive. Which of these two different character will you choose?

Aries - October 2019

In the coming month you will not only find a new partner, but you will find two of them. They will be very different one from the other, both very successful in their field. One of them will be a scientist, an academic taken by the articles published in Nature and the prestige of the university he is working with. The other one will be a writer, a journalist and a passionate for history. The second one will be wise and calm, always with an answer to your question but never excessive. The first one will always be competing with the others. So which of this new partners do you prefer Aries?

Aries - September 2019

What can i say to you? You are in love from one year and now you found out a way to make your partner come more mechanically than ever, but at least you’re provoking an orgasm…

And you are happy and your partner is happy as well! Go on my dear and find more and more ways!

Aries - July 2018

In these days you will find yourself away from home, working in a place of strangers. Your evening and night will be spent alone in an anonymous house and you will not find any diversion. My advice is to make like old Japanese fishers in 1800, they were used to keep under the pillow an erotic (or pornographic) image. Most of these images were drawn by painters and represented naked geishas and a tentacular partner, an octopus or something similarly fantastic. Use your fantasy to find a piece of eroticism in your solitude.

Aries - June 2018

This month the expectation will prevail, to the front of a normal and laconic sex life that will bring happiness in little pieces. Remember that a good journey in the reign of sex is always made of two persons, and it has to be built day by day. So don’t complain and try to construct erotic atmospheres if not only with a good kiss at least with some warm thought.