July 2020

Your month will be populated with a new lover, a scholar who studies about “wisdom” in history and current times. He will tell you about Eraclitus, who writes in his aphorism about a wisdom that is different from knowledge on many things, to Socrates that considers wisdom a necessary attachment of ethical thinking. Dive deep into this world.

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June 2020

In the coming month you’ll find a lover who is intellectual and educated to music from childhood. He has won his first prize at seventeen for playing Paganini’s Capricci which is very hard to play and has many specificities. His career takes him to many places and just for a short time he will be near you to play with his orchestra. You have to decide if you want to follow him in his vicissitudes or you’ll be more egoist and just take what he has to give you in this short time of nearness.

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May 2020

The breakout of coronavirus will find you wandering in the land of india, where you will be blocked for some time. In your exploration you will find yourself in Benares, a little time on the shore of Gange, with a little mith inside of it, You will find a coloured house called the house of ashes, where a mythological king operates. In this house the deaths are accompanied in the travel to fight reincarnation. Here, in the mountains of wood that escort them to the travel to nirvana, they will find peace. The man you’ll find and make love with is like a  priest that ensures all rules of the ritual are followed and respected.

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April 2020

This April will see you with a new lover, a mathematician from Nairobi, where he has taken part in the ultimate congress on mathematics of the 3/14. Yes the world day of mathematics has the same ciphers of the “pi”. However he will be involved in historical work, to map every attempt to build a square out of a circle. This has been a high valued attempt in the past centuries before, in the 18th century, a mathematician like him  found out that it’s impossible to complete this attempt. It is only a chimera of research during the centuries.

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March 2020

This month will see you divided between two lovers, belonging to two very different types of people. One will be very masculine, driven by his intelligence and a good life strategy, he will see in you the loyal companion of a life, cause he will know you can give all your soul to your partner and he will consider this very precious. The second one will be no more than a boy, he will be taken by all the difficulties of life and he will be giving you love in little pieces, as he can do for you, his appreciation for you will be part of everyday life, full of common little gestures and thoughts. The question is, which will you choose to enhance your future lifetime?

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February 2020

This month will be a good occasion to reflect about the role of power in your sex life. Do you start your embrace with a blowjob? Do you have an orgasm only when are above your partner and then, but only then, let him move a little below you to come at his turn? Do you feel like imposing the position or the rhythm in the play? Is your passion for power over your partner or for your him? Try feeling as much as you can!

Folklore & Mythology

January 2020

In this first Month of the year you, Aries, will find a lover who loves east philosophy, asian philosophy and middle age readings. He is persuaded, and want to persuade you too, that happiness is the total renounce to the self, in the research for the illumination. He says that you have to give up all your desires, passions as they are material and not meaningful for the real joy. Please Aries do not make this step, do not give up your desires and passion, as it is what we love, of you, and do not listen to this stupid guy who doesn’t know that the self will take over him even if he tries to suppress it, but in perverted and repressed manners.

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December 2019

In this cold month you will find a partner very interesting, an antique books dealer that has a business in this field. He has an open space full of ancient books, furnished with both antique furniture and design furniture, to show his books to intellectual and passionate collectors from all over the world. He is very polite and deep and loves the tradition of you personality and the culture you have absorbed in your youth.

November 2019

In the coming month you will meet two types of lover, a very calm and rich of culture one, listening to classical music and looking at the stars with his instrumentation, in the summer weekend. And an other type, who likes sport and events, and never stops looking for distraction, in a world that gives him what he wants, with television, internet and cinema, the sport show is always alive. Which of these two different character will you choose?

October 2019

In the coming month you will not only find a new partner, but you will find two of them. They will be very different one from the other, both very successful in their field. One of them will be a scientist, an academic taken by the articles published in Nature and the prestige of the university he is working with. The other one will be a writer, a journalist and a passionate for history. The second one will be wise and calm, always with an answer to your question but never excessive. The first one will always be competing with the others. So which of this new partners do you prefer Aries?

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