Cancer - September 2020

Your next lover , Cancer, will be a writer, and a humanist, but he is old fashioned, he likes writing for journals and newspapers who have an identity, not just modern double blinded peer reviewed journals who makes the part of the lion lately, but are missing a goal and a substance for him.

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Cancer - August 2020

In August, Cancer, you’ll find a  lover who is a writer. But he belongs to a tradition which is not any more popular. He is not introspective, he is not placing flashbacks and interruptions in his timeline and plot, he is an history novel writer, trying to include the last, whole century in his new book, throughout the story of a family and their joy and their pain. Enjoy his strength and, despite he is sometimes stereotyped in his character’s descriptions, ejoy his big purposes and goal.

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Cancer - July 2020

Your next month will be enlightened by the character of a new lover, and historian who studies the difference between denunciation and delation, in history and in modern times. Denunciation to authority is a war act against someone, but delation is more corrupt, as an act: it is like taking part in a crime and then betraying your colleagues. Cesar Beccaria  condemned the delation, and said that it should be used in processes. On the other side the inquisition used pretty much and granted rewards to the ones who made it.

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Cancer - June 2020

The next month will take with itself a fresh air of liberalism, but not the one usually indicated as the academic one. This liberal will belong to the religious liberalism, grown in the labyrinth of theology. He will not put in contrast the aspiration for god and the Human power to produce artefacts and control nature. He is not an atheist liberal, but he didn’t have space in the intellectual firmament cause the church always contrasted the human reason empowerment, saying it is only illusory in confront of the grace of god. Instead this thinker is on the road to legitimate the will of humans to live a better life through work and the reason.

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Cancer - May 2020

In the coming month you’ll be experiencing being the lover of an architect, one who inspires himself in the architecture of baroque style, in the 17° century. He draws his models from Florence’s and Rome’s architecture of the oval steps with columns, to make beautiful cloud and glass construction all over the word. He will have a great mind and a fine fantasy.

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Cancer - April 2020

Your next lover will be an actor, who works in theatres and in movies, and he is very good in his job, but he is very isolated from others, cause he doesn’t feel empathy for the characters he pretends to be, and he cannot feel this sensation for anyone at all! He is some kind of narcissistic personality maybe, but he can act very well. Don’t be dazzled by his cleverness, cancer, search for the more synergy you can find…

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Cancer - March 2020

The next month will see you flirting with a cardiologist and psychologist, a person who has made the matters of heart something central in his life, he is investigating “courage”, timour, when the heart beats in your throat, when we make things with light heart, to have something in your heart, to have the heart in your hands, the lion heart, heartbreaking experience, Everything that has to do with the heart, even yours.

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Cancer - February 2020

Your next partner will be an example of a past generation, he will be coming from Asia, but he will have strange genes, so strange that he has a black skin but very blue eyes. This exemplar of ancient people will come to you as an illumination and you will be completely fascinated. Take your new experience into the best possible time for you!

Folklore & Mythology

Cancer - January 2020

In the coming weeks you will find this new lover, but you will doubt a lot about him. He is a writer of pulp stories, like Rust and Bones by Craig Davidson or Microfiction by Régis Jauffret. The thing is, all this stories are sad and end in a dramatic manner. And you’ll be asking yourself where does all this negativity comes from? Is it possible that he cannot see the happy side of life?

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Cancer - December 2019

The next month will be full of youth and adventure for you, Cancer. At first you will find a young lover that is very calm and very concentrated on his work. His full of joy and optimism, but he likes to stay alone, he goes to bed at the same hour of the day everyday, he can make some exception if he is reading a book that he likes pretty much. The second lover you will find will come after some time, he will be strong, with many friends, mundane, who likes to have fun in strange location together with all his family and friends. The is only one fault in this project of life, and is the day after the fun…