Capricorn - September 2020

In the coming month, Capricorn, you’ll find a lover who is a writer, he is writing a new book, an historical one and he is annotating many quotes, from other books. During the first night of love he will tell you how he is going to melt this quote with iìhis writing in a manner that makes the limit between quote and original writing almost impossible to distinguish.

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Capricorn - August 2020

In the next month you’ll find a lover who like to speak about other people and to manipulate truth. He is very clever and expert in turning reality into what he likes, and he will try to do it even with you sometimes. But when he tries to blame you for what you do, you will turn the discussion into the feelings he has felt and he is feeling about the thing that he tells and you will be more capable than him in turning situations to your advantage.

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Capricorn - July 2020

The next month, Capricorn, will come with a new lover, a poet who finds very difficult to speak about love, in his poetry, so he changes it in a dialogue, like a theatrical act, where he finds the beloved one to be like a doctor and the loving one to be like a crazy person (crazy for love) asking for help to this doctor, that is at the same time the cause and the cure of his illness. It is an exchange of words like Marguerite Duras has made in her story “Blue eyes and black hair”, struggling and deeply sensed.

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Capricorn - June 2020

Your next lover, Capricorn, will be an american billionaire, one who has his own thinking about ethics, like the old Carnegie (author of many books by the way). He thinks that leaving his money to his heirs is an immoral act, that they have to build their own fortune by themselves, so he will be investing in public libraries, schools and hospitals, believing that the only antidote for socialism is the power of entrepreneurs.

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Capricorn - May 2020

Next month will come with a philosopher, who teaches in engineering class in the university. Does it sould contradictory to you? It should, but however he is teaching in Artificial Intelligence classes, to give the students a glimpse about what ethics is and it should be transferred to modern thinking machines. Those robots are used in the war and in the locomotive industry, but they make relevant decisions in their functioning. The motto of this philosopher will be: machines have the same ethics that we can give to them.

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Capricorn - April 2020

This April will see you hanging out with a researcher of the future, affiliated to many associations in the US, his job is to predict and prevent future changes in the market of question and offer, and to predict trends in future marketing strategies. It’s on the work tìof such researchers the destiny of Apple and Microsoft depends on, and this trend is established from the old 1960!

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Capricorn - March 2020

Next month you will find a lover who is a researcher in the field of ancient european religions, specifically the religion of the North of europe. His writings will be full of druids, mysterious human sacrifices and Odin the god of the North. Enjoy this mysterious voyage and ask about the death celebration, the one more followed in the old times, that now is called Halloween. You will be his witch assistant in the land of the dead.

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Capricorn - February 2020

The next partner you will find on your way will be a writer about postmodern age. He will be studying the effects of “speed” on our personality, and behaviour, but not only speed in terms of how much time it takes to ge the work done, but even speed in terms of drugs. There are many writers who speaks about it, from W.Gibson in his “Neuromancer” to Giuseppe Casa in it’s new romance which is indeed called “Speed”. Try to explain to yourself why you’re always in a hurry!

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Capricorn - January 2020

The next month will see your birthday coming, and you and your beloved one will be occupied in preparations and party details. You will have a request: that a siblings of your partner won’t be present due to some misunderstanding. Your partner will consent to this request at first, but then, the week before the party you will find a message of this person in your phone asking for which present you would prefer to get in the party. You will confront your partner and he will admit to have invited him, and that he considers just moods your request to have your party without that person. Consider what to do in relation to yourself, not your partner preferences, cause it’s your day of the year, and you have the responsibility to make it as you want.

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Capricorn - December 2019

In December you will come to know and meet a new partner, a teacher of mathematics for children at the first lessons. He will tell you about al the weird manner in which babies take the concept of zero, or the concept of multiplication and division. He will be a very fine person, the perfect husband for your next family or you will run away as fast as you can?