September 2019

The next month will be a valuable time to think about a special concept: the concept of orgasm, listen while you come to the deep call inside your body, the feeling of touching the root of life, which can generate a new life but comes always along with a deep sense of death too, as life is always accompanied with this feeling of immense fragility, especially in that moment.

July 2018

This month your partner will be in the mood of romance he will take you to an open and English style lawn in the middle of a park by the sunset and will make love with you behind a tree. It will be a beautiful and romantic experience that you will never forget.

June 2018

Dear Capricorn, how much time have you spent without making love or sex to anyone? Don’t you miss this side of you? Maybe you think you have forgotten the right way to do it. You should take advantage of an English writer, Henry Miller. He is rude and dirty when he is speaking about making love, he considers his partner as a mere object of desire, his greed doesn’t go over that and his psychology is flat as a snowboard. But he finds a lot of women to fulfill his fantasies. He even has a a wife, a very dark and fascinating lady. Try to consider the opposite sex as an object of desire, more than anything else, not as a friend, not as a brother or sister, but only as the ultimate goal of your wishes. Probably this will do the trick…

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