June 2021

Your next lover, Gemini, will be a lawyer who dedicates all his time to cases of domestic violence. He says that this is the drama of our times naming children murdered and traumatized and victims that cannot find a way out even with the support of the people around them. We have, in his words, the need to find a way to live in brotherhood.

May 2021

Your next lover, Gemini, is a judge. He is very centered in law and decision making following the rules of reasonableness. In this period of history, he is very sensible in making decisions that prioritize health, freedom, or economical growth. It is difficult to distinguish the most important aspect to take under consideration, cause everyone of those aspects relate to life and death of people.

April 2021

Your next month, Gemini, will come with a lover from academy, he is a classics scholar who is writing about women in ancient Greece, at the time of Homeric poems and of mythology. The women, at this time, had a great rule, with their beauty, with their sincerity, with their strength when they were left by their men. An example is the nymph Enones, who grew up the child of Parides when he left with Helen, Menelao’s wife, giving the start to the Iliad.

March 2021

Next month, Gemini, you’ll find a lover who will show you a beautiful movie that has a very excellent director: Fellini. The movie is called Rome and speaks about the modern city of Rome, with its irrepressible growth of population. Nowadays Rome, as Fellini shows, is a mother with too many childs. It welcomes you and it lets you go as you prefer without opposing your ideas and willingness.

November 2020

In the next month, Gemini, you’ll find a lover who loves speaking about “infinity”. He starts with the argumentation of Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Caroll) who asks the white rabbit how much lasts the infinite, and he answers, “sometimes just a second”. So this second of infinity is adopted by Goethe too in how drama Faust, to describe an epiphanic moment.

October 2020

Your next Lover, Gemini is an ancient greek’s scholar. He is studying the role of the word “Logos” in ancient literature and in the new testament. The new testament was written in greek and the history of the creation of the world, by the word of god, was built upon the concept of logos. It was then translated in Verbum, by the latins. But if you like to go deeper, you’ll find some implications of logos in computer science too, think of the “binary word” in programming languages. The logos is still here.

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September 2020

In the coming month, Gemini, you’ll meet a lover who writes children books, He is very acute and specific about language to use in his books, because, he thinks, most of children books, with the excuse to enlarge children vocabulary, uses words that have to be translated, by parents, when they read the book to a 4 year old child. Often even the parents don’t know the meaning of those words. That’s again the policy of this writer who makes everything he can to be understood at the first time by children.

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August 2020

Your August, Gemini, will be filled with the presence of a strange new lover, belonging to the centre of Austria, he will be given a german name a slavic surname and the aspect of a Mediterranean man. He will be living in KlangenFurt, and he as even founded, with other friends and colleagues, the University there. He is a mixture of many cultures which give him richness and charm.

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July 2020

Next month will see you hanging out with a writer, and a spy. He has traveled a lot in his life, as a journalist in the early years and then for his agency. But he is not the type as James Bond, he is deeply aware of the manipulations and sorrow that the power can make in everyone’s life, and he is always searching for his own happiness, not only the one of his country or party side.

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June 2020

This month you’ll be particularly charmed by a historic researcher, one in particular: a comunist who is convinced that what Marx and Engels thought wasn’t so difficult to find in thought of other intellectuals in the same century. He is researching the root of communism, and he will find some priests that were saying that all clerics and aristocrats in the ancient regime were too lazy, and should be put at some job, mechanical job or agriculture. Most of those priests were banished from their country and their work burned in the public place.

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