April 2020

In the next month you will find a strange couple of lovers, both of them are writers, but one is a reviewer of others books, he is very introverted and publishes just what is done to be published, keeping a strong distance between what he writes and his everyday life. The second lover will be a known writer, but right on the contrary, he will be publishing diaries and personal notes as if it was the more precious thing he has got. Think strongly about which of those two lovers is right for you…

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March 2020

The next month will take with itself the spring of your sentiments, at the beginning, you will find a very inspirational lover, like Giovanni Battista was for Maria Callas in her youth. But as the month will go by you will find always more trouble with him, and the secret marriage you have made at the start will fade in a difficult divorce, in which no one of you will be happy, and the sorrow it will take will make you talent always more voted to solitude and misunderstanding with others.

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February 2020

You are bothered by strange thoughts, and you don’t know where they come from. You’re always worried about your partner’s decisions about himself, bothered by the fact he doesn’t seem happy to you, bothered be the sensation that he doesn’t take into account your opinion. But try asking yourself why you have this wide need to be taken into account in someone else’s opinion, are your trying to exploit the freedom of your partner? Do you prefer to stay alone so that you don’t have to care about someone else’s thoughts? Why are you so scared to consider your opinion a gift for yourself and let others make their choices?

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January 2020

This January will be the start of a new love story, with the manager of a big company, but at the same time,in the same person, with a painter and a writer, who couldn’t cultivate his passion because of his family. He is trying to make something for the HUmanist side of himself as well that for the management part of himself. Try to help with your ideas and your soul.

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December 2019

Your partner this month will have a bad moment, he is an antique book collector and he will find out that one of his most precious book is a false. You will see how he will handle with cure his old book even if he knows that it isn’t worth anything, There is a soul in the antique books collectibles that ask for much to anyone in this field…

November 2019

This month will be very weird for you, you’ll find many partner but all of them demonstrate a high grade of stupidity. You start as wanting not to think, and end up in the bed of a stupid… I don’t want to make the moral ffor you, but make me a promise, you will not be stupid at all, and you will charm those unfortnate with your intelligence…

October 2019

This month your partner will ask you to change one little but recurrent habit that you have towards him. It could be that you call him “my treasure” or something like that. It will be difficult to do it cause you’re used to have this habit but with every attempt you’ll become better. Maybe it will take more than a month but you will accomplish the task for him and your love…

September 2019

This month you’ll meet an Arabic lover, he won’t be religious, and not a sustainer of poligamy, instead he will be very material and attached to his experience. He’ll be devoted and very passionate for your body in bed. Do you have any lead of this old culture:ancient modern Arabs? like Averroé…

July 2018

This month you will find a very passionate lover, but with one weird quality: a very big sex. At the beginning you will try to protect yourself from this keeping a hand over his sex when you are making love, but as you go on he keeps pulling inside you, and when he is coming he is desperately pulling in you, and the hand in front of your sex doesn’t help that much. But he is so tender when he is coming, moving over and over taken by the spasms of pleasure that you will not feel bad any more, you will only feel understanding.

June 2018

In those week you’ll be seeking for security, inside the sheet of the bed it will turn in total abandon to the hands of your lover that will take you in new ways, and make what his fantasies ask him to do, and will handle your body in new manners, that will leave you amazed by his desires of you. It will be pleasant and hurtful at the same way. Don’t restrain you abandonment.