July 2020

Your next lover, Leo, is a movie director from Canada, he is very young but he has already collected many awards for his portfolio. Bisexual, he is speaking about the identity of bisexuality in the XXI century. He speaks about normal people, twenty or thirty years old, surrounded by friends and having a rich life in humanity and accomplishments, and that’s because he is open and friendly with anyone and has a strong wit.

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June 2020

Your next lover, Leo, is a refugee, not a farmer or ordinary worker but an intellectual, who was banned from his country and who tried to find fortune in Australia. But he tried to reach the new land by boat and this was his first mistake. He was rescued in a storm, in the middle of the ocean, and was taken to an island, where Australians put their refugees. It was like a concentration camp, he sustains. Now that he is safe in New Zealand he is still taking care of the cause and the well-being of refugees all over the word.

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May 2020

Your next lover will be a very practical person, a constructor. He will be able to deal with bricklayers and with architects, so from the more basic rules of social bargaining to the more sophisticated laws of culture. And he will realize the more adulterated images in the works of elementary minds. This conjunction will be the center of your attraction to this person.

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April 2020

Your next love will be a researcher in the field of ancient Greece, and his desk will be full of books from Plato, Aristoteles and ancient historians who speak about great mens of the past. He will follow the rule that we live all for virtue and knowledge, and that’s all that is worth living for.

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March 2020

The next partner you’ll be hanging out with will be an employee of Bombay Spirit Ltd. Coming and going from Hampshire, he will be the quality officer of the production of Bombay Shappire Gin. He is working in an old and restructured house, near a river, and it is a beautiful place to have a trip and to discover the plants from India and mediterranean sea. It will be a lot of fun for you!

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February 2020

Are you ready for Pub time this month? You’ll become used to chill in an Irish pub after work and you’ll find a couple of friends. You know pub’s chatting and you will find yourself speaking about sex with those “illuminated” guys. They will consider that having a blowjob made from a stranger is a very happy experience. Do you doubt about this? But after some time a new, more selective guy will show himself at the pub and listening to those chatting he will comment: “Do you go along even if the blowjob is made from a man?”. They will orrify at the comment, but, besides their common disdain of omosexuality, you have to look closer to this selective guy. Is he the right one for you?

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January 2020

You will be travelling with your friends this month and you will find a young and proud man in your way that what to seduce all your group of friends. That is a very ambitious purpose but there will be an obstacle: his battle for winning the heart of all of your will start from you and when he will be at the most important point he will realize to be in love with you. Are you ready to change your life for this ambitious guy or you will reject him as if it only fun sex for you?

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December 2019

This cold Month (if you are in Borealis hemisphere), is a carrier of new love. You will find a gardener who has a long tradition in his family. They have cured the gardens of many noble families in the central Italy and he has a collection of ancient books about gardens in the renaissance period. He likes to make love in the garden, in the open air and even if you are a bit cold, you really enjoy the fantasy…

November 2019

Next month you’ll find a partner that has a sad story to tell, he is really an alpha element but all his associates and friend just abandoned his adventurous plans. So he is sad and empty, but he seems like Lawrence of Arabia, the arab prince betrayed by all his european allies.

October 2019

In the coming month you will find yourself involved in a triangle, you are happily accompanied with a beautiful guy but your routine, from much time established, has begun to bore you. You will find another guy, with which you find yourself at the best, but soon you will find out that your new guy is talking with your boyfriend and giving him advice to keep staying with you. You will find yourself into a soul war, and you won’t trust this new guy any more, you will think that he has wasted all the secrets about yourself you unbosomed to him.

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