June 2021

In the next month, Libra, you’ll find a lover who is psychologist. He studies the distortion of perceptions in his patients with the help of the paintings of Pieter Bruegel and Hieronymus Bosch. He will tell you a lot of differents point of view of the paintings, by his current patients, everyone with a different history and distortion to be shown.

May 2021

Your next lover, Libra, will be a german from a family who escaped Romania during Ceausescu’s tyranny. He will be a very simple person, attached to nature, able, after years of exclusion and humiliation as an immigrant, to care about little things in life.

April 2021

Your next lover, Libra, will be passionate about liberalism, he is reading a book about Italian liberalists like Einaudi or Croce and his opinion is that they are too divided between individualism and idealism. They seem not to find a balance between the universal spirit of idealism and the more empirical point of view of the people and their desires.

March 2021

In the next month you will find a lover who is a classy idealist, thinking that only the classics can give an answer to our life questions and that the use of social media and technology is only a buzz in the crowd. Try persuading him that in social media there can be content, information, and precious thoughts even.

November 2020

In the next month, Libra, you’ll meet a person who is an Opera singer. He has started singing a playing when he was very young but he has developed some defense against his job: He thinks that there are composers and compositions of music which can be harmful to his voice. Specifically, he has this opinion about Wagner Opera and music. It’s fruitful to consider how he defends himself from his job characteristics, maybe you should think about an equal defense in your place of work too.

October 2020

Your next partner, Libra, is a scientist, and specifically a doctor who studies DNA. In the last few years something has been discovered in the evolution of species, the horizontal transfer of genes between species, the fact that a virus can be installed in eggs and reproductive cells and be transferred to the future child. Those fenomena have caused the evolution of species, as the parts of the cell, for plants and animals, were free bacteria before evolution.

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September 2020

Your summer, Libra, will be greeted by a secret lover, with whom you cann leave any trace, of your relations. You will hire a young boy to let your lover have your messages, and he will take them to him, at first without suspecting anything, but as time goes by, he will realize the content of the messages, not knowing anything about sex and love he will respect you and learn a lesson for his future.

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August 2020

Your next lover, Libra will be a theorist about writing and literature. He sustains that everyone has a story to tell and even if the facts of the story are a steady repetition of everyone else’s story the personality and the style belonging to the writer will be always different and original. This writer is skilled in interpreting the author’s style and in repeating it with his own voice.

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July 2020

Your next lover, Libra, is a poet from Switzerland, living in the north of the nation, between the mountains, he is very humile but very sensitive, and he never saw the sea. His country is in the middle of everything, but what he speaks about mostly, in his poetry, is the snow, its whiteness, and the silence that surrounds it. Try being more sensitive to little things, and the language that has the power to express it.

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June 2020

The next month will come with a partner who has disillusion about life, and searches for a new youth, the youth of the spirit, inspiring himself to ancient myths and folkloric stories. He has been through war and repression, his youth has been neglected by the condition of the outside world and now that it’s all over, he wants to find new inspiration and love for life. Allow him to see the good parts of yourself.

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