July 2020

Your next lover, Libra, is a poet from Switzerland, living in the north of the nation, between the mountains, he is very humile but very sensitive, and he never saw the sea. His country is in the middle of everything, but what he speaks about mostly, in his poetry, is the snow, its whiteness, and the silence that surrounds it. Try being more sensitive to little things, and the language that has the power to express it.

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June 2020

The next month will come with a partner who has disillusion about life, and searches for a new youth, the youth of the spirit, inspiring himself to ancient myths and folkloric stories. He has been through war and repression, his youth has been neglected by the condition of the outside world and now that it’s all over, he wants to find new inspiration and love for life. Allow him to see the good parts of yourself.

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May 2020

Your next lover will be an old contact from university, still in love with you for your mind and creativity. But in the last years he has developed a kind of aphasia so he will speak well only in your presence, just because he desires very much your attention and love. Give a chance to this new lover and please, make him speak while you make sex.

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April 2020

Your next love will be a pneumologist, a doctor of the  breathe and for ancients Greeks, the breathe is the soul. He will be involved in the corona-virus outbreak and he will be devoting himself to finding a cure and assisting ill people. Give to this person all the security he needs!

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March 2020

This month you will find a strong and passionate partner, but even too passionate one, one day, in the late evening he will place yourself on the bed and tear off your clothes from your body. You will lose the clothes as they will be all stripped but you will gain a high passionate night and a very marvellous lover!

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February 2020

In the coming month you’ll be pleased by a new partner, who has a victorian history, he will be indian, coming from a big town in India, and he will be a political refugee. That’s because India is changing, now it is not any more laic and respectful as it was with Gandhi’s tradition, now the government is religious and it considers an enemy of the state the laymans and the old tradition republicans. Look at the story of this man as it was a precious diamond for your knowledge of humanity.

Folklore & Mythology

January 2020

This month will be about a particular of your sex life that have to be understood, the blowjob.. It seems scandalous but for psychology it is a matter of submission, from the woman to the man. That’s the real meaning of the blowjob. It’s not an easy way not to be loyal to your partner without getting too much clothes off your body. RIght? Because if you feel the instinct to make a blowjob to anyone else, that is not your partner, then you both have a problem, maybe you are angry with your partner? Is there something about him that disappoints you? Think Libra, before doing, and then let your thoughts go through your mouth, more than anything else, cause they will bring you the happiness of feeling loved, more than the impression of being submitted.

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December 2019

In the coming month the cold and the snow will make the picture of you with a new lover, a Sommelier. He will enchant you with his tastes, the new and the traditional one. He will heal your wound with honey and alleviate your days for what time it lasts…

November 2019

In this November you’ll find a little and underestimated poet. Who writes funny stories and little poems taken from the middle age. At those days it was against the pope and the church, but nowadays it is against big powers and presidents who stays in power too much time. So this writer is a little antagonist and has every weapon against being oppressed. He is very free.

October 2019

Hi libra, your destiny this month sees you out of your homeland, for work, to a convention or something similar. You have to recruit new talents for your company and the one you meet is very strange. He is reading a newspaper at the bar of the convention, all alone. You go near him and give him a page with the content of your presentation, and he reads carefully. Then he looks into your eyes and says “I am deaf, but i can read!”. For the whole afternoon you’ll be looking at his side searching for distraction while he is reading, but there is no trace of it. He’s totally taken by the reading. At the end of the day, charmed you will try to make love with him…

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