September 2019

This September you’ll find a new partner, very joyfull, he like classic music and excursions in the mountains, he has a wood in his house, and really loves nature. One day he will take you to a little wood in the mountains, and he will ask to make love there. The day will be sunny and as a joke you take it happily, but you notice, after, that he holds a tree! From the initial surprise you start thinking that he has a real relationships with the trees and the vegetables, it’s like if they were his friends. That day, in the wood he asked you to make an orgy with the nature.

July 2018

In the next month your partner will turn to e a strong fetishist and BSDM master. He will tie you up with letter and shake you and strike you while making love. You wonder where the pleasure and the excitement comes from? Try reading De Sade and you will find out what great excitement a human being takes by being cruel and harassing to an other human being and you will find out that the excitement comes from hearing what happens in this occasion too..

June 2018

This month you’ll find a lazy lover, someone who is not used to engage his body in challenges to prove it’s passion. You’ll have to take the wheel and drive the situation by yourself. But then, when you’ll be tired and consumed by your pleasure your lover will take out some love toys and demonstrate his ability using them more than using his own body. Take this pleasure as a gift and don’t ask what he cannot give to you.

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