June 2021

Your next lover, Pisces, is a writer who doesn’t believe in the rule of the six degrees between every person in the world. He thinks we only live in solitude, and the degrees between one and the other is composed of more than six thousands people.

May 2021

Your next lover, Pisces, will be an elected minister, but not an ordinary one, he will be anarchist. Full of contradiction in his political party besides in his mind, he will handle his power for the rights of the people to access health treatments and health assistance. His power will be short timed but very representative.

April 2021

Your next lover, Pisces, will be obsessed by thoughts about the apocalypse and by how many things in our life are actually out of our control. Besides those weird thoughts you will recognize a person who intimately knows what attachment is and you will teach him to appreciate the little habits, the simple rituals that build up our everyday living where everything is still behind our control.

March 2021

Your next lover, Pisces will be a scholar who studies the life of many mathematicians around ‘800. He is studying a female one, coming from Russia, Sofya Kovalevski. She was a literate and a mathematician, she has earned the doctoral paper by private lessons as in the university female were not allowed, and she was the first female teacher of mathematics in an university in Europe (Stockholm University).

November 2020

Your next lover, Pisces, is a literary critic, a teacher at the university and a scholar about Dante (the famous poet). He knows the object of his research really deeply and, he thinks, in the first part of his life the poet was searching for “love”, as in the middle age idea of it, then he developed a strong knowledge of theology (expressed in a mixture with his everyday life in the Comedia), and in the last part of his life he dedicated his time to philosophy, and in particular Aristotle.

October 2020

Your next month, Pisces, will be enlightened by a lover who studies literature, and especially american one. He loves authors from last century ‘30 ‘40 years, but not people like Fitzgerald, belonging to a rich and highly educated environment, right on the contrary he loves people called “wasps”, belonging to a poorer background and more near people’s needs.

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September 2020

In the next month you’ll find a lover who writes enciclopedic books about literature. In the next book he is going to speak about “voices” in literature, from the shuttered voices of Tesfay Brhan, to the biscuits like voice of James Joyce, to washed by brandy of Charles Baudelaire, to the voice full of roast potatoes Voice of Raymond Chandler, He describes all the adjectives given to the concept and word “voice”. Try reading what he writes and you’ll find good analogies and big mistakes in describing the word.

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August 2020

In the next month, Pisces, you’ll find a lover who works for Ancestry.com and whose work is to find the siblings of the asking persons in time and space like rhizomes of people, in the modern age, spread into the whole word. Listen to his stories!

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July 2020

The next lover that your life will reserve for you this month is the mayor of your town, a left wing soldier that has been to Afghanistan, in war trying to fix the caos left by the talibans. He has a warrior wit and he believes in democratic and libertarian principles but he is facing opposition that criticises his love for freedom in favour of security and a population that is becoming more and more nationalist. Stay with him and his courage.

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June 2020

Your June will be enlightened by two partners, one, a writer who, just like Salman Rushdie, wants to rewrite a more actual portrait of Don Quichotte, the famous romance of Cervantes. The other will be an historian that aims to rewrite roman History in the light of left and right winds of today, an attempt to write an ancient working class battle with the middle class.

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