Pisces - September 2020

In the next month you’ll find a lover who writes enciclopedic books about literature. In the next book he is going to speak about “voices” in literature, from the shuttered voices of Tesfay Brhan, to the biscuits like voice of James Joyce, to washed by brandy of Charles Baudelaire, to the voice full of roast potatoes Voice of Raymond Chandler, He describes all the adjectives given to the concept and word “voice”. Try reading what he writes and you’ll find good analogies and big mistakes in describing the word.

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Pisces - August 2020

In the next month, Pisces, you’ll find a lover who works for Ancestry.com and whose work is to find the siblings of the asking persons in time and space like rhizomes of people, in the modern age, spread into the whole word. Listen to his stories!

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Pisces - July 2020

The next lover that your life will reserve for you this month is the mayor of your town, a left wing soldier that has been to Afghanistan, in war trying to fix the caos left by the talibans. He has a warrior wit and he believes in democratic and libertarian principles but he is facing opposition that criticises his love for freedom in favour of security and a population that is becoming more and more nationalist. Stay with him and his courage.

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Pisces - June 2020

Your June will be enlightened by two partners, one, a writer who, just like Salman Rushdie, wants to rewrite a more actual portrait of Don Quichotte, the famous romance of Cervantes. The other will be an historian that aims to rewrite roman History in the light of left and right winds of today, an attempt to write an ancient working class battle with the middle class.

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Pisces - May 2020

This month, Pisces, you’ll find a very innovative lover, he is a theatrical director who cannot perform his work because of coronavirus, and finds new ways to make theatre, mostly through social media, smartphones and messages. He is a innovator, trying to take his art where it is unknown, suffocated by common sense and ignorance. Follow his play.

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Pisces - April 2020

In the next month your partner will become more and more restive, his goal in life will become more and more confused, he has work but he would like to make something completely different from his life, and is leaving every security his work is giving to him just to seek out dreams and hopes. Just be sure he doesn’t lean too much on you, in is adolescent research for fulfilment.

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Pisces - March 2020

Your adventure this month will be a writer, a very poor and sensible one, from Greece. He will be coming from two month in a psychiatric hospital, taking too many medication to have a job, he has a computer and he writes letters and novels without word ending and starting space and without punctuation. It will be very hard for you to read his writings but you imagine who it is hard for him to write them? It seems a code coming from another culture, a far culture in space and time. It will be an exercise of tolerance and intuition to have to deal with him and you will learn about difference and reciprocal consideration besides social stigma.

Pisces - February 2020

Next month will see you taken in a controversy about to be and to appear. It’s an old discussion in love discourse, starting from Plato’s Symposium going through Giordano Bruno till the late ‘500. Every thinker (included Erasmo from Rotterdam) would criticise the “appearance” side of the society in favour of the “true” side, the soul, what is nested. Can you look at the hided side of your partner and still recognize him? And, can you be sure he sees what you really are, and not only what you appear to be?

Folklore & Mythology

Pisces - January 2020

You’re pretty much helping out from trouble your partner, always giving something to his wellness and happiness, not much, just little things, little thoughts, that he has to understand, be patient with him, cause he is taking life as a challenge and is always worried that something could go wrong. Make a compromise with him about his insecurity, and we will see the outcome of your tenacity.

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Pisces - December 2019

In the current month you will find a university teacher, an academic, in an internet based dating site. He is very clever and raffinate but, sometimes, you have the impression that all the things that interest him are arbitrary, taken without any connection with reality, and society. In the last book he has written, he analyses the way in which Stendhal and Flaubert speak about reading in their books, as if reading of someone who is reading could be the disclosure of a hidden meaningfulness.