April 2020

In the next month your partner will become more and more restive, his goal in life will become more and more confused, he has work but he would like to make something completely different from his life, and is leaving every security his work is giving to him just to seek out dreams and hopes. Just be sure he doesn’t lean too much on you, in is adolescent research for fulfilment.

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March 2020

Your adventure this month will be a writer, a very poor and sensible one, from Greece. He will be coming from two month in a psychiatric hospital, taking too many medication to have a job, he has a computer and he writes letters and novels without word ending and starting space and without punctuation. It will be very hard for you to read his writings but you imagine who it is hard for him to write them? It seems a code coming from another culture, a far culture in space and time. It will be an exercise of tolerance and intuition to have to deal with him and you will learn about difference and reciprocal consideration besides social stigma.

February 2020

Next month will see you taken in a controversy about to be and to appear. It’s an old discussion in love discourse, starting from Plato’s Symposium going through Giordano Bruno till the late ‘500. Every thinker (included Erasmo from Rotterdam) would criticise the “appearance” side of the society in favour of the “true” side, the soul, what is nested. Can you look at the hided side of your partner and still recognize him? And, can you be sure he sees what you really are, and not only what you appear to be?

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January 2020

You’re pretty much helping out from trouble your partner, always giving something to his wellness and happiness, not much, just little things, little thoughts, that he has to understand, be patient with him, cause he is taking life as a challenge and is always worried that something could go wrong. Make a compromise with him about his insecurity, and we will see the outcome of your tenacity.

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December 2019

In the current month you will find a university teacher, an academic, in an internet based dating site. He is very clever and raffinate but, sometimes, you have the impression that all the things that interest him are arbitrary, taken without any connection with reality, and society. In the last book he has written, he analyses the way in which Stendhal and Flaubert speak about reading in their books, as if reading of someone who is reading could be the disclosure of a hidden meaningfulness.

November 2019

In this month you will find a partner that has given his best but he didn’t succeed, he has what he wants but not what he needs, he feels tired but he cannot sleep. And he cries bitter tears, he has lost something that he cannot replace, he has loved someone but it has gone to waste. Life will guide him into your arms and you will try to fix him.

Freely interpreted from the song “Fix You” by Coldplay

October 2019

Hi Pisces, the adventure you will have this month will teach you a lot of things about the world. You will meet a beautiful partner, who for living will do the ghost writer. But not for money, or better, not only for money, but because he comes from a place where he cannot freely say what he thinks, and with this restriction between his people to have success, he has to hide behind the name of others.

September 2019

Have a good time Pisces because it is very interesting what will happen to you next time you’ll find a partner, you’ll meet one of the actual oligarchy of our time, a scientist. Hell be a little fat, but with a strong character and very serious principles, everything is testable, confirm-able, and can be reduced to simple causes. He reminds me of a book i read in my youth, Empire, written by Deleuze, which speaks about the new power of doctors and scientists..

July 2018

This month your lover will be an artist, like Ingmar Bergman, a movie director, a painter, an intellectual . This will mean that he will have something that comes before you in his mind, and then you. You will make him feel ore secure, you will seduce him with your tricks and you will seldom make passionate love with him. Seldom because he will be more taken by his work than from the desire he has for you. But you will be patients and fill him with tenderness.

June 2018

This week your partner will come up with a new fantasy: choosing your clothes. He will ask for a short dress, with a suspender bait under it and high heels. It will be difficult and frustrating to fulfill his desires and at the end he will undress you with patience, looking into your eyes and he will slowly make love with you. His sweetness and his care will win your soul and in the future you will wait again for his advice about how to dress and behave.