April 2020

The next month will see you involved with a Macchiavelli’s researcher, who is writing a monograph about this author, but a normal monograph, not something that imposes an idea over the whole work and tries to demonstrate it with the documents, but something more ambitious that will start with showing the first years of formation of this humanist, will go through it’s time of power till the end in isolation. It will be a good occasion for learning.

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March 2020

Your next lover will be a person who writes vocabularies, a person who defines words, in their meaning and semantica value in the society. And he is very aware of this. He is a liberal persona but he has to face the competition of many others who doesn’t have the same world-view and who want to impose the meaning of the word they most like over any common sense. His fight will be strenuous and you will part for him and his strength. It will be a beautiful challenge!

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February 2020

The climate change is an issue for us all. And will be the issue of your new partner. He will be studying how the habitat changes by human action and to do this research he will be studying the science fiction of Lovercraft and others who describes the apocalyptic consequences of human society and its behaviour towards nature. He will teach you to see yourself as part of this change, which is an inescapable part of the human society.

Folklore & Mythology

January 2020

 In the next month a new perspective will begin to take space in you soul. Through a new partner, a student of psychology, you will see the world under new eyes and that will enhance your understanding and your self awareness. This new perspective is Constructivism, a field of psychology which considers every thought a “construction of the self” to give sense to reality, a construction that reflects the manner in which the self thinks and perceives the word. It’s like every thought would be an art work, it gives new meaning to everything cause every event is not only a fact, but even a meaningful act.

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December 2019

In this December you will travel to Venice, and in the old part of the city (Canalgrande) you will meet a student in Hebraism culture and language studying at the university of Venice (Ca’ Foscari). This will be a beautiful occasion to show your graces to a newly met person. But at the end, when you together will make sex, your opinion about this dude will change drastically. I cannot say what will be the object of your thoughts but there will be a change. It’s only up to you to handle it.

November 2019

In this November you’ll find a new lover that suites your needs in a very weird manner. He is schizophrenic, and has many personalities in his one body. He takes medications, so he doesn’t seem much different from the other but he tells a lot about his different personalities. He suites your need cause everytime you make love with him it will be like making love with all his characters. If you want some more nomal partner maybe you should start working on your loyalty to your parter, and not whishing to make love with all the person you live and share your present with.

October 2019

Hi Sagittarius, i want to go directly to the point, one evening you’ll find yourself drunk ina pub with some friends, you’ll meet this beautiful persons and after some speaking he will take you to his house, that is totally filled with jewelry. He loves gold and diamonds and he only invest his money in these things. He wants you to wear his jewelry while you make love with him and just after that he will give you a ring. “Do you want to marry me?” you will ask. “No,” he will say: “this is the ring of truth, keep it with you…”

September 2019

You’ll experience something strange, in this month, you will know a young man, in a pub, he is very graceful and you will fall in love with all your heart but after that he will bring you in his house, you will make love but he won’t speak too much, a silent passion is in his body, then he will take you in his garage, where he has a canvas and a support for it, he will say to you to lay in the sofa just in front of it. he will start drawing something on the canvas, without a word, maybe for five minutes. than he will put down the brush and say to you that he has to go, naturally and easily. He will have drown the most perfect part of you into a collage that has to achieve the perfection of beauty.

July 2018

One day this month you’ll make love with you partner over a table, maybe the table of the kitchen, however, he will hold you tight while you grip his hair with your finger and he will passionately kiss your neck. This is the image which should go along with you in this 30 days.

June 2018

The writer Anais Nin was involved, staying at her diaries, in a triangle with a couple, Henry and June. The two members of this couple were married and in love with each other. She was in love with both of them, noticing their affliction, their character and their qualities while making love with both of them. I suggest you to try this kind of triangle once in your life, not the random kind of triangle, but one which amuses your consciousness and your senses in a melting pot of affectivity and mindfulness. This will enrich your life and will not affect your sexual power.