October 2019

Hi Sagittarius, i want to go directly to the point, one evening you’ll find yourself drunk ina pub with some friends, you’ll meet this beautiful persons and after some speaking he will take you to his house, that is totally filled with jewelry. He loves gold and diamonds and he only invest his money in these things. He wants you to wear his jewelry while you make love with him and just after that he will give you a ring. “Do you want to marry me?” you will ask. “No,” he will say: “this is the ring of truth, keep it with you…”

September 2019

You’ll experience something strange, in this month, you will know a young man, in a pub, he is very graceful and you will fall in love with all your heart but after that he will bring you in his house, you will make love but he won’t speak too much, a silent passion is in his body, then he will take you in his garage, where he has a canvas and a support for it, he will say to you to lay in the sofa just in front of it. he will start drawing something on the canvas, without a word, maybe for five minutes. than he will put down the brush and say to you that he has to go, naturally and easily. He will have drown the most perfect part of you into a collage that has to achieve the perfection of beauty.

July 2018

One day this month you’ll make love with you partner over a table, maybe the table of the kitchen, however, he will hold you tight while you grip his hair with your finger and he will passionately kiss your neck. This is the image which should go along with you in this 30 days.

June 2018

The writer Anais Nin was involved, staying at her diaries, in a triangle with a couple, Henry and June. The two members of this couple were married and in love with each other. She was in love with both of them, noticing their affliction, their character and their qualities while making love with both of them. I suggest you to try this kind of triangle once in your life, not the random kind of triangle, but one which amuses your consciousness and your senses in a melting pot of affectivity and mindfulness. This will enrich your life and will not affect your sexual power.