July 2020

In your next month, dear Scorpio, you will have a challenge with life. Every new lover you will meet will have a male chauvinist attitude, that will be corroding your own sense of self, one will make ugly speeches about divorced women, the other will have many and many lovers behind your shoulders. You have to displace your attention from your beloved one to yourself and to not get attached to people that only try to hurt you and submit you.

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June 2020

Hi Scorpio, open your mind this month cause you will meet a writer of novels for kinds. He inspires himself in reading about pedagogy and psychology, and creates very simple stories to be told to children before they go to bed. So in between Piaget and Maturana, you will find your illumination with him.

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May 2020

Your next lover Scorpio will be passionate about perfumes. He will be always messaging you about the scent of your skin. An you will have an idea to conquer him, you will be collecting perfumes and suffusing them on your body before meeting him and making love with him. Everytime you’ll be asking if he is enjoying the scent. A little advice for the jealous, if you constellate his hands with rhodinon he will not be able to feel any other fragrance after the one he found on your body.

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April 2020

This April will come with a new lover, an Hebrew from Buka in Azerbaijan. His country, right on the contrary than Iran and Israel is very tolerant and has got many influences from different religious faith without any of them to become preponderant and to gain power over the others. There is a prevalence of muslin but no one of them is Jihadist or fundamentalist. It’s a rich place thanks to oil and natural resources and a neutrality position that is right the same as Switzerland in Europe. Enjoy these moments!

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March 2020

Today i want to speak with you of an old fashion “having sex” habit, that is make it in the kitchen. Many men, including the one you’ll be dealing with this month, find the kitchen a very horny place for their fantasies, they still think about you as the wife who washes the dishes before offering her butt to any joke that’s fulfilling like slapping and whatever else. I find this a habit a little bit difficult to enjoy, cause this kind of men doesn’t listen to the advice of their women and that’s what stays on my stomach.

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February 2020

Your next partner will be a researcher of the middle age, and in particular he will be concerned by the subject of Cartography. We all know google maps and the new frontiers of cartography in postmodern age but he will be focusing on the building of a web interface for old and ancient maps, belonging from an age before the discovery of America. This we interface is real and is called “engineering historical methods”. He will be working at this huge project and will be very proud of it.

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January 2020

Lately you find yourself always with the same partner, and it’s starting the time when problems arise. You are at the best of your energy, so you fight to make your reason understood and start from the position that you want to be happy, and you want your partner to be happy, but your partner is starting to think in a strange way, he says that if you want he to be happy you have to renounce your own needs and desires to sublime them in his happiness. That’s not a logical point of view, and you know that yourself, no one is entitled to assume that you have to dismiss your own thoughts. Be smart Scorpio, run as fast as you can!

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December 2019

In the coming month love will come and knock at your door, and it will be something spiritual because it will be love for a priest. He will be clever and studious, he loves to stay with the people and learn something out of them. He studied psychology and is an attached follower of Anthony De Mello, for freedom even from religion.. It is a big movement around the globe De Mello’s one. Try reading some of his books for Christmas.

November 2019

In November you’ll find a new lover, a very mature person in this case. He will be an art collectionist from Milano, and a journalist for many newspapers. He will be calm, always reading or speaking to people to find out a new talent or to endorse an already existent one. He will be engaged in high society, going to the theatre and opera, and spending his time in beautiful places but when he will be making love he will be very calm in handling his passion and dedicated to the most beautiful characteristics of you.

October 2019

My friend your next lover is something out of the lines.. He will be a Irish Farmer, trying to solve his commercial problems in the city. He will eat only potatoes and he will take you with all his instinct. He will be used to the contact with nature, he will have a carnal relationships with everything he has around him. He will be your wolf and you his prey.

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