October 2019

This horoscope is for letting you know about a little problem that will present itself in the coming months. You’ll be dreaming about a new robot, with artificial intelligence. A robot that you can model with the personality you like and that is made for your entertainment. He will be able to make sex with you. In those days you’ll be tempted to dedicate all your time to this new lover, without having to care about a real relation. Yes because a relation is always a give to take, but you prefer the absence of this constraint. Be careful cause in your life you need relation, and constructive one in particular.

September 2019

For you the planets are moving in a surprising manner, you’ll meet new people and you will find a new partner, an entrepreneur with a beautiful car and some plans to realize. But you are lucky, this person is not just a narcissistic dude but he cares for his investments, his time and you… Try learning as much as possible from this situation.

July 2018

My compliments, you are in the first place of the month as you have found the perfect partner, lovely, clever and responsible. You think that he is perfect and you imitate most of his habits as if he was to choose for you what is best. In the bed you are his pupil, always disposed to learn, but with an inclination for disobedience that gives pepper to your relationship. The problem is: how long will you tolerate to be with someone you consider better than you, and how long will it take to get you tired of it and searching for a partner that you can consider equal to you?

June 2018

This month you’ll meet someone who desires you with strength, and his touch will remind you his strength and his kiss will rise your senses without restraint. My advice is to take this strength and store inside your soul as long as it last, and give back the sweetness your heart has to deliver to calm down it’s desire.