December 2022

Your next lover, Taurus, is a musician who’s playing in theatres a piece By Mozart and Lorenzo da Ponte, called “Don Giovanni”. We usually identify “Don Giovanni” as a man who collets women, but that’s not the case of this piece of music, he is, here, a voracious man, he’s characterized by his hurry in relishing life, food, experiences. This piece has the rhythm of a Requiem and an Allegro together.

November 2022

You’ll be possessed by a romantic dream this month, Taurus. I suggest you read a poem or a theatrical act from the Renaissance period. Courage, kindness, together with excess and monstrosity will flow into your mind like a river and will fill your soul like a coloured drawing.

June 2021

Your next lover, Taurus, will be an aero-space historian, studying the  CONCORDE and its competitor: TUPOLEV. But he studies even far behind in the past, in the early ‘900 the ZEPPELIN and the SPRUCE GOOSE, one an airship and the other a seaplane.

May 2021

In the next month, Taurus, you’ll meet a lover who is passionate about Z. Bauman’s idea of open space to discussion. He thinks that there have been and there are now, too many walls in the world. And they seem made for wild animals, more than for humans.

April 2021

The next lover you’ll meet will be a scholar about literature in the 15th century. But he doesn’t write about romance and cavaliers, he writes about the literature of the merchants (Gugliema Veiner, Petro D’Alamanno, Bonì de Iosef, Bartol De Cavallas, Isabelle Hamerton, Henri De Praroman) , so hybrid in its roots, that was still a normative attempt, in the creation of the romance languages across europe, and in the connection between romance, anglo-saxon and germanic languages in this land o diversity.

March 2021

Your next lover, Taurus, will be living in Berlin, the city of art and of culture. But these days, renaissance and museums are closed and the art soul of the city is blocked. So he decides to take example in Kafka last days in Berlin and explore the woods and parks of the city, that sometimes are very large, and even dangerous, cause in the east side of Germany they were used as shooting range, so there are a number of bombs buried in the earth.

November 2020

In the next month, Taurus, you’ll find a lover who is a photographer, and specifically a Nasa photographer, who makes pictures of the space, and of the experience of men in space, from the beginning to  the actual. He is making a report about the ISS, with it’s modules, built from different countries, with the traces of humans on it, and with the beautiful view of the planet Earth from it. In the ISS there are 16 sunsets and 16 sunrises each day!

October 2020

In this month, Taurus, you’ll meet a lover that loves to draw. He has a painter’s education but he is not good at painting, so he decides to build a museum with all the drawing of people more good at it. He is from Russia so he starts a journey in all the peripheral sides of the country, to find hidden treasures, in the poverty of the population, to fill his museum. He will find more than 40.000 paintings in his research.

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September 2020

Your next lover, Taurus, is an entrepreneur, living in Idaho, on the Snake River side, he is building the administration of electric energy taken from the fall of the river, and all the population, which is not composed by many people, takes advantage of it. This electric central is financed by the people of the place, living mostly out of agriculture and herding. Keep and eyes to his growth model and sustainability impact, they are very balanced.

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August 2020

The next month will come to you with a genius! But not a universal genius, only a person, who is passionate about his work, but that’s ill and will not live for much time. You will find a way to alleviate his sorrow with his passion, and you will strengthen his opinion to be a genius just to heal his soul.

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