Taurus - September 2020

Your next lover, Taurus, is an entrepreneur, living in Idaho, on the Snake River side, he is building the administration of electric energy taken from the fall of the river, and all the population, which is not composed by many people, takes advantage of it. This electric central is financed by the people of the place, living mostly out of agriculture and herding. Keep and eyes to his growth model and sustainability impact, they are very balanced.

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Taurus - August 2020

The next month will come to you with a genius! But not a universal genius, only a person, who is passionate about his work, but that’s ill and will not live for much time. You will find a way to alleviate his sorrow with his passion, and you will strengthen his opinion to be a genius just to heal his soul.

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Taurus - July 2020

Your next lover will tell you about myths, how they are formed, how they evolve in times and society and how they die. As Kinkegaard says about his century, myths are born in a short time, and at the same time old ones are removed from the shared imaginary worlds. But the mythological thinking is never detached from logical thinking, they evolve at the same time.

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Taurus - June 2020

Your next lover, Taurus, will be a tourist guide, in Paris. He will be taken from a problem, mostly, in this coming month, indeed tourists from outside Paris will be a few, and the big places of cultural interest will change, from the Louvre and Notre Dame to some more specific places for local culture. He will be organizing tours in Ville Lumiere, a street in Paris full of independent bookshops, which have inherited from a long time ago a root in french culture that is not to be undervalued.

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Taurus - May 2020

You will feel a little strange, these days, having the impression of being ugly. That can be terrible for some people, feeling awful is an insecurity that spreads in every feeling every sensation that you have during the day, but fate will come and help. You will come to know a scholar that studies ugliness in literature and culture and how it is related to the burlesque. It’s an occasion to learn something about human nature and human soul, besides giving you the chance to make love in your strange feeling period.

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Taurus - April 2020

Your next lover, Taurus, will be a scientist, and for being more specific, a physicist, like Freeman Dyson, the scientist who left us on 28 of February. This scientist will be an idealist, who searches for freedom in the spire of his equations, who look at the revolutionary side of his work against ignorance and oppressive culture. He will be strong and honest, and will give to you beautiful moments both for the mind and for the body.

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Taurus - March 2020

The new lover you will find on your way will be from Romany, a little nation in the middle of Europe, that has seen a big growth in the last two decades but that has to deal with a past belonging to the URSS, it’s totalitarian government, and it’s secret police. In the life of this new lover destiny has still a high role, he thinks he cannot control everything that’s happening around him and that he has not the right to reclaim all his rights. He is in between the state of being a slave and being a free person, and still cannot identify himself in any of these models.

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Taurus - February 2020

This month something weird will happen, your long time partner will start to make fun of you and laugh about your inner wishes and feelings. You will feel humiliated and won’t any more be disposed to make love with him at all. Where is your caregiver, you sweet honey, your loyal half? Is he completely lost in an attempt to humiliate and make joke of yourself? He is not lost but he has got something not said to you about your relationship. I don’t know if he will answer the fatal question “Is there something wrong with you?” but i think it is worth asking from your side before taking a decision that will stop your relationship. Try, in the meantime, not being scared of going back to stay alone.

Folklore & Mythology

Taurus - January 2020

In the next month you will meet a new typology of person, very spread in our society of social networks and online newspapers: a forger. He has a deep culture, he is able to falsify whole documents to some little part of it, always using the gullibility of the people around to achieve his purposes. Try learning something from this unscrupulous person, cause the ability to use the belief of others to turn around situations will be very useful for you…

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Taurus - December 2019

Next month will reserve for you a little pearl, a lover that is a successful scientist, a little Einstein in his field, whose researches have been published on Nature and that has many followers. But he doesn’t like it and is searching for peace outside of the world of work to regain humanity.