Virgo - September 2020

Your next lover, Virgo, is a professor in archeology. He’s taken the degree in Kent university but he decides to take a break from city life and go back to his Grandparents , in the farm of North Germany. Here life is not any more like the HeimatLiteratur describes, there is technology and progress were one there was only wood and animals. This lover is the son of the progress for those people, who had very strong values but who changed, like his mother who left the country to follow a surveyor who was in her little town to build new, industrial farms.

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Virgo - August 2020

In the coming month. Virgo, you’ll find a partner that is an impoverished writer. He was very famous in the past decades but his fortune is falling and he is writing something to work out this problem. He spends most of his time blaming his publisher, who is guilty of not giving him the needed attention in contrast to ordinary writers who speak about religion and good feelings, so he builds a fake interview with a imagined speaker who asks him about his passions and reason to live.

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Virgo - July 2020

In the next month, virgo you’ll meet a lover who has a double face, he is a good writer when he is lucid, but he is also an out of mind person, aggressive and paranoid, You know he is a good person, but his lucidity is always lacking steadiness so you, and your known rationality, will walk away from him as soon as the month ends.

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Virgo - June 2020

Your new partner is a writer, Virgo, but not the type of writer who believes in social order and social rules, Not the type of writer with hopes, not the type of writer that puts an happy end in his novels. He believes right on the contrary that social rules hide hypocrisy, and that power over other human beings is always illusory and dangerous. You will have your good time making yourself understood by this new partner.

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Virgo - May 2020

Next month will see you exploring new limits, with a dominant that will invite you to Dubai, in the Arabs Emirates, a sort of Disneyland for grown ups to access every possible luxury of the capitalist word. It makes a point of the  fixed travel around the city, cause you cannot go where the occidentals are not allowed and discover the life of the people outside the gentrification neighbourhood. It will be an occasion to expand your mind.

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Virgo - April 2020

This month a new lover will take place in your life and will aim to have power on you. He will be a spy, he will not be the one who cares for you and wants to live with you, but he wants to be your perfect lover and the person who can better understand you and fill you with sex. I don’t know if you need to trust this person, but i know he is not what you truly need. Search for someone who is able to stay with you, not only to give you orgasms.

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Virgo - March 2020

The next month will see your passion at the top of the zodiac. If you have a partner or if you find one, make sure to make everything in the right way, and one day, undress your partner (giving attention to the fact that he takes away the socks) undress yourself, put you bonth on a coach and hold him with your legs in a loveful clasp. Hold him closely while you make love and have the very fun of yourself both.

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Virgo - February 2020

You’ll find many new friends, in the coming weeks, it will be time for new friendships, but even new partners. Just an advice for you, speaking with a potential new partner is not like making a job interview, he doesn’t have to be at its best for you, he just has to be himself. Sincerity is much more the right attitude when it comes to love affairs that being perfect.

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Virgo - January 2020

This month will bring within itself a strange situation with your partner, he will be always more distracted, unmotivated, and tired of everything: work friends and family. You will start worrying just because he doesn’t feel like making love any more. He is going throughout depression and it will be difficult to solve his problem, and you will even be tired of his lamentations and pessimistic thoughts. The way out is to listen, you know your partner, so in all his desperate mournings you will find the reason he is so upset,jus listen to him. Take him to a counselor, and make him feel that you want to help him change something bad to make his life more happy. Give him hope!

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Virgo - December 2019

The next lover you will find is a historian that is going to start a new travel in Iraq. Infact, in the city of Suleimaniya there is a growing cultural effort, from the side of Kurdish population. That is boycotting Turkey and giving more energy to the new Iraqi order. And this historian want to give a hand building a new historical museum, to prove that something for gratitude for the Kurdish population can be done. Happy December!