December 2022

Your next lover, Aquarius, will be an economics scholar studying the General Theory of Keynes. He/she says that Keynes identifies the main reason for economic decadence in the centralization of the richness in the hands of few people and in the disparity of remuneration among the population.

June 2021

Your next lover, Aquarius, is a functionaire of a trade union who’s studying Philipe Lotmar, a german scholar about the justice of labour. He thinks that lately, with globalization, we have forgotten many of his teachings.

May 2021

Your next lover, Aquarius, will be an historian who is studying an exorcism in Rome in the 19th century. He is writing a book about it. The book is fully documented, every narrated fact has really happened, as if the protagonist, possessed by the devil, was to be respected as the history told through her story has to be respected.

April 2021

Your next lover, Aquarius, is an art collector who is forced by politicians to sell every piece of art he owns after a long war, lost by his country. He is an art activist, against the destruction of archeological sites in the last decade by Talibans and before by Mao’s army in the name of the ever spreading idealism.

March 2021

Dear Aquarius, ill find a photographer as lover next month, and he comes from Egypt. He is a exiliated from Cairo, with a strong sense of history and a keen eyes for good movies. He misses the old days, when his country was free and a secure point for intellectual in the whole region.

November 2020

Your month will be pleased by the presence of Circus in your area. These people are creative, spectacular, sometimes scary and sometimes so touching. They are traveling the world to fulfill souls with daze and imagination games with everyday elements. They come from a long genealogy of comedians, who know how to interpret problems and aimings of contemporary men and women.

October 2020

In the next month, Aquarius, you’ll find a lover that is a journalist. He has the job of interviewing some italian writer, to know who is the main author of the ‘900 in Italy. But when he speaks with them, he finds out that everyone is underlining the influence of an Eighteen century writer, called Alessandro Manzoni. They say that every current in literature, belonging to the nineteenth century has been mitigated by the realism and the ethical values given by this Eighteenth century writer.

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August 2020

Your next lover, Aquarius, will be a poet, he will take inspiration from french surrealists like Robert Desnos, a poet who died in a concentration camp in germany for his revolutionary and free behavior in the France of the ‘30. He takes his passion for life and womens, for experimentation and perfection, for psychology and dreamlike poetry. Enjoy this journey into fantasy and creation!

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July 2020

Dear Aquarius, your next month will be populated by a psychologist, one belonging to the side of Jung, that with his knowledge will be facing a difficult familiar situation. His parents are both dead and they have left the bigger part of their heritage to the brother. He doesn’t apparently know the reason for such a cliche but he will be investigating and he will find out the truth that neither he nor his brother want to admit.

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June 2020

In the next month you’ll find a scholar, as a new partner, a person who studies the renaissance, and in particular the censorship in this era. Indeed literary works like the one of Ariosto, or Boccaccio, have been greatly betrayed by their readers, especially catholics one, who substituted their reference to sex and love, to money and desire for richness, with more acceptable prose to the time. It’s a history of betrayal and passion for literature.

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