Aries - June 2021

In the next month, Aries, you’ll find a lover that is a psychologist, and he is writing a book about Herber Rosenfeld and his distinction between thick skin narcissists, who are alpha people and are incapable of feelings and empathy, and the thin skin narcissists who like to please others and have low self esteem, but are obsessed at the same time by what others think about them.

Aries - May 2021

Your next lover, Aries, will be a theorist about Democracy in the 21th century. He thinks about postmodern democracy without a central state, to which you have to negotiate your freedom, but as a power divided between town and counties, represented by an assembly periodically drawn by case between volunteers. You don’t like this idea, it seems to you more like a soviet than a representative democracy.

Aries - April 2021

Next month you’ll find a wise lover, who follows the rule given by Montaigne (the famous French philosopher). In fact, empty ears of corn stay vertical and high in the firmament of spring, but when they get filled with seeds, they just fall down, and bow their head to the weight of their content. So is this wise man, he doesn’t appear, he doesn’t predominate, but he is calm and level-headed.

Aries - March 2021

Your next lover, Aries, will be a scholar of oneiromancy (the interpretation of dreams before Freud and Jung). He reads books about how to connect the dreams to the odds of the future, how to interpret theological signs in dreams and how to spot new meanings and interpretations of god.

Aries - November 2020

Your next lover, Aries, will be a musician, he will be very passionate about Schubert’s music. Schubert was a composer who lived in the same age of Beethoven, but wasn’t really equally popular. He was deceased and lonely. The legend says that when Beethoven died Schubert went to his tomb and found a pen, with which he wrote his last composition.

Aries - October 2020

In the next month, Aries, you’ll find a lover who uses to repeat a sentence by Thomas Mann, about courage, Thomas Mann sustains that being courageous doesn’t mean not feeling fear. It means dominating fears, it means suppressing fear, but not not feeling it. Fear is, in this case, the proof you are not being silly or stupid, but self aware.

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Aries - September 2020

In the next month, Aries, you will find a lover who is a musician, but, unlike any other musician that love to travel and play in concert, he surrounds himself with childs, teaching them what he knows, he studies music on books, and he has a big library, and he plays for educational purpose, like J.S.Bach. His compositions are pure, not played with virtuosity, but to diffuse taste and knowledge of music.

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Aries - August 2020

In the next month, Aries, you’ll find a lover that is a follower of Confucius doctrine. The sentence that animates his days lately is one speaking about meeting interesting and not interesting people. Confucius teaches that meeting valuable people should inspire us to imitate them, instead meeting second rate people should inspire us to find in ourselves the same defects.

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Aries - July 2020

Your month will be populated with a new lover, a scholar who studies about “wisdom” in history and current times. He will tell you about Eraclitus, who writes in his aphorism about a wisdom that is different from knowledge on many things, to Socrates that considers wisdom a necessary attachment of ethical thinking. Dive deep into this world.

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Aries - June 2020

In the coming month you’ll find a lover who is intellectual and educated to music from childhood. He has won his first prize at seventeen for playing Paganini’s Capricci which is very hard to play and has many specificities. His career takes him to many places and just for a short time he will be near you to play with his orchestra. You have to decide if you want to follow him in his vicissitudes or you’ll be more egoist and just take what he has to give you in this short time of nearness.

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