December 2022

Your next lover, Cancer, is a literature critic who does not agree with classical literary theory. Roman Jackobson and the Russians formalists have elevated form over content as if it was the only important thing in a literary work but this is not, any more, the case.

June 2021

In the next month, Cancer, you’ll find a lover that is interested in the economic sustainability of capitalism in the US. He says that to have economic dignity people are too used to giving up their fundamental rights, like caring for a newborn for the mother and assisting ancient parents.

May 2021

In the next month you’ll find a lover, Cancer, who studies Euler, a mathematician of the 18th century, so famous that the definition of the PI depends on him. He was even smarter than Newton and he wrote only in latin. To read his books your lover will be taking a latin course.

April 2021

Beware of your next lover, cancer, cause he won’t be the ideal you like. Always calm and searching for a safe refuge, he will be the image of the feel good guy, searching for pleasure and excusing every injustice, every abuse, just to find his little space of self enjoyment.

March 2021

Your next lover, Cancer, will be a fan of Alchemy in the middle age. This discipline was very popular during the 13 th century and even the pope Boniface the 8th had some follower who were practising it, but then, in the 14 th century, it has been banned cause the Alchemists were considered forger for the hope they were used to spread about the discipline and its power to change iron in gold.

November 2020

Your next lover, Cancer, is a historian who likes to describe old societies in particular. He is on the move for a conference about the 4 centenary of the pellegrin fathers of the united states. They were coming from Britain and they were seeking a place to found a divine society. But they didn’t found a hierocracy, where priests were the one who decided, instead they founded a theocracy, where honours came from election and only the most active members of the community could express their vote.

October 2020

Your next lover, Cancer, is passionate for “mafia’s” movies and stories. He has a full collection of them, from the early ‘50 of the last century to the tv series like Gomorra. He thinks that this description of the Mafia builds a shared image of it, an image that is deeply involved within the society’s problems of every age it describes, and that has shaped the self image of the mafia bosses too.

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September 2020

Your next lover , Cancer, will be a writer, and a humanist, but he is old fashioned, he likes writing for journals and newspapers who have an identity, not just modern double blinded peer reviewed journals who makes the part of the lion lately, but are missing a goal and a substance for him.

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July 2020

Your next month will be enlightened by the character of a new lover, and historian who studies the difference between denunciation and delation, in history and in modern times. Denunciation to authority is a war act against someone, but delation is more corrupt, as an act: it is like taking part in a crime and then betraying your colleagues. Cesar Beccaria  condemned the delation, and said that it should be used in processes. On the other side the inquisition used pretty much and granted rewards to the ones who made it.

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June 2020

The next month will take with itself a fresh air of liberalism, but not the one usually indicated as the academic one. This liberal will belong to the religious liberalism, grown in the labyrinth of theology. He will not put in contrast the aspiration for god and the Human power to produce artefacts and control nature. He is not an atheist liberal, but he didn’t have space in the intellectual firmament cause the church always contrasted the human reason empowerment, saying it is only illusory in confront of the grace of god. Instead this thinker is on the road to legitimate the will of humans to live a better life through work and the reason.

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