December 2022

Your next lover, Capricorn, will be an artist who’s expressing the melancholy of living in modern age. He is working about the steadiness of young generations who does not find a reason to wake up in the morning and at the same time enjoy speed and drama against a slow shutdown which represents the end of the world.

June 2021

Your next lover, Capricorn, is a political theorist who sustains that the liberal and democratic culture in the US is allowing, with its omissions, the culture of the strong and exceptional man to grow to its autocratic side without opposing it. Your lover thinks that the United States are not immune from tyranny and that they have to be kept aware like every other country.

May 2021

You’ll find two new lovers in the coming month, Capricorn. One will be a free and responsible man, and the other will be a servant. One, after kissing you, will ask: “What happens next?”, and the other will ask: “Have i done the right thing?”. You choose who is who.

April 2021

In this month, Capricorn, you’ll be forced to choose between two friends, as your lovers. The first one will be a very successful and aggressive person, with many followers on social media and living in a world where everything is an image, where you get forgotten in one second and that’s your worst nightmare. The second potential lover collects more failure in life but he is an idealist, he has got strong opinions, he is more introvert but more affectively available.

March 2021

This month, Capricorn, you’ll find a lover who studies the conspiracy environment of the Renaissance, in Italy. This is the time when modernity is born, when moral laces are more loose than in the middle age and where wars are not any more the preferred way to earn power, but conjuring with other powerful people against the established prince, is the right way, so smartness is popular, and so is fear of betrayal and the bond to others.

November 2020

Dear Capricorn, the next month will come with a lover who studies the history of cinema. He is writing about Charlie Chaplin and in particular an unfinished movie he was planning to make at the end of his life (between 1967 and 1970). The plot of the movie speaks about a woman with wings, coming from Chile and forcefully taken to London. The place she is living in and her soul are two opposite ontologies which have to be reassembled into a single picture of immensity.

October 2020

Your next lover, Capricorn, will be an art critic, he will be specialized in sculpture, and everytime he speaks he underlines the need to know the work of art, before making any criticism. He says that you have to look at it directly, through photographs and through the eye of the artist. His motto is “the work of art, before anything.

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August 2020

In the next month you’ll find a lover who like to speak about other people and to manipulate truth. He is very clever and expert in turning reality into what he likes, and he will try to do it even with you sometimes. But when he tries to blame you for what you do, you will turn the discussion into the feelings he has felt and he is feeling about the thing that he tells and you will be more capable than him in turning situations to your advantage.

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July 2020

The next month, Capricorn, will come with a new lover, a poet who finds very difficult to speak about love, in his poetry, so he changes it in a dialogue, like a theatrical act, where he finds the beloved one to be like a doctor and the loving one to be like a crazy person (crazy for love) asking for help to this doctor, that is at the same time the cause and the cure of his illness. It is an exchange of words like Marguerite Duras has made in her story “Blue eyes and black hair”, struggling and deeply sensed.

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June 2020

Your next lover, Capricorn, will be an american billionaire, one who has his own thinking about ethics, like the old Carnegie (author of many books by the way). He thinks that leaving his money to his heirs is an immoral act, that they have to build their own fortune by themselves, so he will be investing in public libraries, schools and hospitals, believing that the only antidote for socialism is the power of entrepreneurs.

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