Pisces - June 2018

This week your partner will come up with a new fantasy: choosing your clothes. He will ask for a short dress, with a suspender bait under it and high heels. It will be difficult and frustrating to fulfill his desires and at the end he will undress you with patience, looking into your eyes and he will slowly make love with you. His sweetness and his care will win your soul and in the future you will wait again for his advice about how to dress and behave.

Aquarius - June 2018

This time the astrological previsions will predict for you a new, energetic and very sticky partner. He’ll be always messaging to you, he will complain about his work and provide you with funny jokes and clever entertainment. But he well be too sticky for you so after some meetings and some sex you’ll be tired of him. Don’t try to change his affliction with his work and his stickiness. Just abandon this new lover!!!!

Capricorn - June 2018

Dear Capricorn, how much time have you spent without making love or sex to anyone? Don’t you miss this side of you? Maybe you think you have forgotten the right way to do it. You should take advantage of an English writer, Henry Miller. He is rude and dirty when he is speaking about making love, he considers his partner as a mere object of desire, his greed doesn’t go over that and his psychology is flat as a snowboard. But he finds a lot of women to fulfill his fantasies. He even has a a wife, a very dark and fascinating lady. Try to consider the opposite sex as an object of desire, more than anything else, not as a friend, not as a brother or sister, but only as the ultimate goal of your wishes. Probably this will do the trick…

Sagittarius - June 2018

The writer Anais Nin was involved, staying at her diaries, in a triangle with a couple, Henry and June. The two members of this couple were married and in love with each other. She was in love with both of them, noticing their affliction, their character and their qualities while making love with both of them. I suggest you to try this kind of triangle once in your life, not the random kind of triangle, but one which amuses your consciousness and your senses in a melting pot of affectivity and mindfulness. This will enrich your life and will not affect your sexual power.

Scorpio - June 2018

In those days your partner will begin speaking about making love and not making only sex. But you will not understand his/her position, as long as you think that having a relationship is always involving part or the whole of your soul. You can not make distinction between love and sex, and your lover should empathize with this side of you and use it to undertake a inner journey with you in the field of sex.

Libra - June 2018

This month you’ll find a lazy lover, someone who is not used to engage his body in challenges to prove it’s passion. You’ll have to take the wheel and drive the situation by yourself. But then, when you’ll be tired and consumed by your pleasure your lover will take out some love toys and demonstrate his ability using them more than using his own body. Take this pleasure as a gift and don’t ask what he cannot give to you.

Virgo - June 2018

The passion of your lover this week will hurt you in the body, and you’ll see the blood flow out of your wound and you’ll be scared by the consequence of this strong passion. It will be just a moment cause your lover will hold you and ask for your forgiveness in a way so sweet that you’ll forget everything in just a moment. He will heal your wound and clean your body together with you under the shower. Take this moment with you along the day for it’s sweetness.

Leo - June 2018

In the coming weeks you’ll come in the hands of an experienced lover. Someone who know how to touch you to make you cry of pleasure and someone who will be grateful for every orgasm you’ll produce as if it was an “I love you” hidden inside your disclosed mouth. Love is a mystery that no gesture can explain better than the experience of dependency from the pleasure of your loving one.

Cancer - June 2018

Those days will bring you a very intuitive and emphatic lover, he will know what you like to do just the moment before you realize it and will give you the pleasant feeling to do not have to ask to receive what you want. It will be a precious time. He or she will be happy to give you back a sweet gesture, and a desiring glance that will fulfill your life with reciprocity.

Gemini - June 2018

In those week you’ll be seeking for security, inside the sheet of the bed it will turn in total abandon to the hands of your lover that will take you in new ways, and make what his fantasies ask him to do, and will handle your body in new manners, that will leave you amazed by his desires of you. It will be pleasant and hurtful at the same way. Don’t restrain you abandonment.

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