December 2022

Your next lover, Sagittarius, will be passionate about cartography. She/he is studying the sky maps of the end of the XIIX century, a time, after Newton, in which the new rules of the universe were emerging in the cartographic science. The mayor work of this period were the sky maps of Johann Doppelmayr and the earths globes of Georg Puschner.

June 2021

Your next partner, Sagittarius, is a theorist of transgression, he studies the tantra movement in India, with its psycho-physical practice (yoga), the meditative formulas (mantra), the mystical diagrams (màndala) and the symbolic diagrams (yantra). These practices have spread in the whole India, between Buddhists, Hinduists and Muslims.

May 2021

Your next lover, Sagittarius, will be a musician and composer for piano. His model will be Debussy, and he will be turning poetry into music, as his hero has done at the end of the 19th century, composing a kind of music that has been enjoyed only a century later.

April 2021

Your next lover, Sagittarius, will take you with him in the realm of human perversion, searching for a way to sublimate his soul and body to an image of himself that he wants to build in the eyes of others. Getting caught in this trap will suddenly obscure all your intimate desires, sacrificing them to this image. Reality is a convention but you are more worth than an instrument of his mind and pleasure.

March 2021

In the next month, Sagittarius, you’ll find a lover who seems very static, he is a meditator using the teaching of Thomas Merton (1915-1968) who sustains that meditating on what you are and what things mean to you is the key to find the equilibrium between the world and you.

November 2020

Your next lover, Sagittarius, will be a scholar from Great Britain who is the president of a little Museum in Oxford and who has a big problem: all the artworks of the museum were stolen by the British Army during colonialism. Now, for the sake of honesty, he would like to give back those artworks to the legitimate owner, but he has to respect the rules of the museum he is president of, which doesn’t include this act of honesty. He will work out the problem making a sine die loan to those populations the artworks are taken from.

October 2020

In the next month you’ll find a very whole man, he will tell you that he considers people having 3 sort of names, the one given by the parents, the one given to them by the collectivity and another one, built with the actions the each person carries out in her life. SIgning he will tell that he wishes to be called, as a third name, “just”.

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September 2020

Your next lover, Sagittarius, is directly coming home from Ibiza, where he has been not to have a touch of mundane life, but to conduct a research about the history and the legends of the island. Long time before now, in the 13° century, the island and the other one line Majorca were declared independent, but with the centuries, and the Aragona monarchy in Spain it has all been lost. In 1950 the island became the paradise for hippies and fugitives from the Vietnam war, and now it is what it is, living on tourism and nightlife.

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August 2020

Your next lover will be one who adores taking his wide experience of the word and pin it up to his chest like a medal. But you are more wise than him and you know that experience is something for any soul only if it leaves some signs, even scars of the feeling encountered, of the voices it brings to memory and mostly of the pain it took to anyone to overcome the problems it posed.

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July 2020

Your next lover, Sagittarius, wil be a citizen of a popular neighbourhood in your own city. He is very socially engaged and he wants to change its home habitat, he is confronting shit pushers and thieves but he wants to transform all the parks in gardens and all the bad people in curators of these gardens. He is studying which plants to grow and their favorite climate and he is building a big social project. Help him!

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