December 2022

Your next lover, Scorpio, will be passionate about farm life and animals. The one he/she loves most? The donkey. He/she says that this kind of animal is more patient and more intelligent than the noble horse itself and that even Jesus chose to make his entrance in Jerusalem on a female donkey with her child.

June 2021

Your next lover, Scorpio, is a translator. He usually translates manuals and technical stuff, but he has a hobby: translating literature. He is now translating Durrenwatt, a novel about the Minotaur, an image of half man and half bull of the classical greek mythology.

May 2021

In the next month, Scorpio, you will find yourself diving into a crime atmosphere, where your lover is a detective,with many hidden characteristic and a problem with a serial killer to solve. Pulp culture will be his everyday bread and at the end of the month, he will brilliantly solve the issue.

April 2021

In the next month, Scorpio, you’ll find a lover who is a literary scholar, he loves Dante Alighieri and the middle age. He sustains that this author has made concrete the search for happiness and love that humanity embodies, and that he was a truthful connoisseur of the situation of the catholic church, which during his life has been moved from Italy to France, exihiliated as Dante himself was.

March 2021

Your next lover, Scorpio, will be the son of an holocaust prisoner. He has got a book written by his father about imprisonment , it is a revolutionary book, that doesn’t draw the bad people only as bad, but as normal and ordinary people. The hero of the book creates a language, made with the names of his mates in the concentration camp, to remember them. He teaches this invented language to his torturers as if it was an ancient language full of mystery and culture.

November 2020

Your next lover, Scorpio, will be a phisician, a doctor who loves to study the ancient root of his own work. So he will take you to a bookshop and he will buy the full work of Hippocrates, the best phisician in ancient Greece. Learn from him and study the more ancient roots of your own job, try being passionate about it.

October 2020

Your next lover, Scorpio, will be a teacher, one that doesn’t like notions in knowledge, one that wants his pupils to find the notions themselves, with research, application and creativity. Like Einstein with his pupils at university, he thinks that knowledge is not self imposed, but self experienced.

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August 2020

This August will come with a partner that is making a research about machist society at in the ancient North European states. In fact there has been a massacre of over 100 persons in Norway at those times and the bigger part of these people were female. He even wants to testify about the destiny of ancient girls forced to marry unknown and powerful men. This story will teach you much about male power.

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July 2020

In your next month, dear Scorpio, you will have a challenge with life. Every new lover you will meet will have a male chauvinist attitude, that will be corroding your own sense of self, one will make ugly speeches about divorced women, the other will have many and many lovers behind your shoulders. You have to displace your attention from your beloved one to yourself and to not get attached to people that only try to hurt you and submit you.

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June 2020

Hi Scorpio, open your mind this month cause you will meet a writer of novels for kinds. He inspires himself in reading about pedagogy and psychology, and creates very simple stories to be told to children before they go to bed. So in between Piaget and Maturana, you will find your illumination with him.

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