December 2022

Your next lover, Virgo, will be a writer who takes as example “the Buddenbrooks” by Thomas Mann and who wants to describe the history of a rich family and its accomplishments in building a better life for itself and its workers.

June 2021

Your next lover, Virgo, will be a fortune-teller. He uses experience, imagination and taste to predict the future of people, an ancient art. And although there are plenty of essays which tells you to be aware of the danger that such activity can put you through, you believe him.

May 2021

Your new lover, Virgo, is passionate about cinema. He has been in Venice during the Biennial and in that occasion he found some documentation in the archive about a drama, organized by the Biennial in a chemical industry nearby in 1974. It was Othello, by Shakespeare. Many critics said, at the time, that it was the hardest manner to introduce industry workers to culture, but some interview to the public of the show was reporting that the culture from which they were excluded in schools was at least in piece taken back to them.

April 2021

Your next lover, Virgo, is passionate about the comparison of different law systems around the globe. He sustains that you shouldn’t be too patriotic looking at your law system, instead you should compare different kinds of them with their convergences and divergences, and taking somehow into account both the historical part of law, and the bureaucratic and administrative part of it.

March 2021

Your next lover, Virgo, will be a scholar who studies Montaigne, the famous french philosopher of the ‘500. He is specifically charmed by one attitude of the thinker, that he always reminds every man that he has to stay in his shoes, not to aim too much as a goal in life, he has to know his limits and be a proud server of them.

November 2020

Your next lover, Virgo, it’s a literary translator, who has to deal, during this difficult time of pandemic, with the translation from German of Paul Celan, and hebrew poet, who has survived the Shoà and who writes in the same language of the criminal who have imprisoned him. His wonder is how to engage with the aim for beauty, for love, and for perfection after this immense crime against humanity.

October 2020

In the next month you’ll meet a partner who is a biographer, he reads the correspondence of mayor figures to find out the real person behind them. For example Mozart was very vulgar in his letters, Chopin very bourgeois, etc. and in the image other biographers gave of them they completely miss those aspects, so taken by the genius that is inside them to forget to be common people too.

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September 2020

Your next lover, Virgo, is a professor in archeology. He’s taken the degree in Kent university but he decides to take a break from city life and go back to his Grandparents , in the farm of North Germany. Here life is not any more like the HeimatLiteratur describes, there is technology and progress were one there was only wood and animals. This lover is the son of the progress for those people, who had very strong values but who changed, like his mother who left the country to follow a surveyor who was in her little town to build new, industrial farms.

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August 2020

In the coming month. Virgo, you’ll find a partner that is an impoverished writer. He was very famous in the past decades but his fortune is falling and he is writing something to work out this problem. He spends most of his time blaming his publisher, who is guilty of not giving him the needed attention in contrast to ordinary writers who speak about religion and good feelings, so he builds a fake interview with a imagined speaker who asks him about his passions and reason to live.

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July 2020

In the next month, virgo you’ll meet a lover who has a double face, he is a good writer when he is lucid, but he is also an out of mind person, aggressive and paranoid, You know he is a good person, but his lucidity is always lacking steadiness so you, and your known rationality, will walk away from him as soon as the month ends.

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