July 2018

This month your lover will be an artist, like Ingmar Bergman, a movie director, a painter, an intellectual . This will mean that he will have something that comes before you in his mind, and then you. You will make him feel ore secure, you will seduce him with your tricks and you will seldom make passionate love with him. Seldom because he will be more taken by his work than from the desire he has for you. But you will be patients and fill him with tenderness.

June 2018

This week your partner will come up with a new fantasy: choosing your clothes. He will ask for a short dress, with a suspender bait under it and high heels. It will be difficult and frustrating to fulfill his desires and at the end he will undress you with patience, looking into your eyes and he will slowly make love with you. His sweetness and his care will win your soul and in the future you will wait again for his advice about how to dress and behave.