Leo - May 2021

Your next lover, Leo, will be a scholar. He studies the late roman empire, in which culture has moved to Costantinopolis for the barbaric war in Italy. He is studing Boetius, a great thinker and philosopher, who spent the last years of his life in prison, waiting to be killed for deception by the authorities. He wrote a book about the consolation of philosophy. In those dark days he still saw the light in it.

Leo - April 2021

Next month will be one of the studies of the painters of the end of ‘800 and the beginning of ‘900. The one who will interest you and your lover  more is Giovanni Battista Lusieri, who portrayed the most beautiful greek sculpture and monuments, and sadly helped the british officials to steal them from Athen.

Leo - March 2021

In the next month you’ll find a musician, as new lover, Leo, and you will listen to his musical performances and to his words on past composers. He is working on Beethoven, and he sustains that he was telluric, that he gives strong emotions and that playing his music always feels like you would like to be always better than you’re, to keep his magic inside your instrument.

Leo - November 2020

In this month, Leo, you’ll find a lover who loves North europe history especially the one of Burgundy. The love for books, the flourish commerce between population, the peace and attachment to the population of those kings brought with itself a wonderful time for places like Belgium and the Netherlands between ‘400 and ‘600. Their public lectures were like twitter right in these days, and their banquets were pantagruelian.

Leo - October 2020

Your next month will be delighted by a new partner, a historic researcher about the life of Pitagora. He is very confused, he has a lot of material but everyone said its different truth about this mathematician and philosopher. He had a barbarian origin, probably etruscan, but he traced a lot, and at the end he was killed by enemies while escaping in a field of broad beans. Many contemporary philosophers, like Russell, speak about his mathematical genius, but we know that his truths in mathematics were already known to the Babylonians.

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Leo - September 2020

In the next month, Leo you’ll find a lover who is very clever, in everyday life, but is very poor even. Coming from an immigrant family (from Caribbean) he is living in Huston’s suburbs, facing a very hard and very tough life. He cannot see anything outside his misery. Please take him to travel the world!

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Leo - August 2020

Your next lover, Leo is a collector of ancient books, specifically “blue books”, that’s to say: books made with blue coloured paper. They were published mostly in XVI century and they were elitist books, made for aristocratic reading and precious libraries. They were very spread in Venice in this century because the blue colour was coming from paints imported from China and the east lands.

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Leo - July 2020

Your next lover, Leo, is a movie director from Canada, he is very young but he has already collected many awards for his portfolio. Bisexual, he is speaking about the identity of bisexuality in the XXI century. He speaks about normal people, twenty or thirty years old, surrounded by friends and having a rich life in humanity and accomplishments, and that’s because he is open and friendly with anyone and has a strong wit.

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Leo - June 2020

Your next lover, Leo, is a refugee, not a farmer or ordinary worker but an intellectual, who was banned from his country and who tried to find fortune in Australia. But he tried to reach the new land by boat and this was his first mistake. He was rescued in a storm, in the middle of the ocean, and was taken to an island, where Australians put their refugees. It was like a concentration camp, he sustains. Now that he is safe in New Zealand he is still taking care of the cause and the well-being of refugees all over the word.

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Leo - May 2020

Your next lover will be a very practical person, a constructor. He will be able to deal with bricklayers and with architects, so from the more basic rules of social bargaining to the more sophisticated laws of culture. And he will realize the more adulterated images in the works of elementary minds. This conjunction will be the center of your attraction to this person.

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