Capricorn - July 2018

This month your partner will be in the mood of romance he will take you to an open and English style lawn in the middle of a park by the sunset and will make love with you behind a tree. It will be a beautiful and romantic experience that you will never forget.

Sagittarius - July 2018

One day this month you’ll make love with you partner over a table, maybe the table of the kitchen, however, he will hold you tight while you grip his hair with your finger and he will passionately kiss your neck. This is the image which should go along with you in this 30 days.

Scorpio - July 2018

In those weeks you will make love with you beloved one, but you will not have an orgasm and maybe he’ll be a little disappointed by that, but after he comes you will ask he to hold you strongly in the middle of this beautiful moment. He will hold you so strong that he will hurt himself, and he will laugh about that after. This is the moment that describes your sex life in the coming month.

Libra - July 2018

In the next month your partner will turn to e a strong fetishist and BSDM master. He will tie you up with letter and shake you and strike you while making love. You wonder where the pleasure and the excitement comes from? Try reading De Sade and you will find out what great excitement a human being takes by being cruel and harassing to an other human being and you will find out that the excitement comes from hearing what happens in this occasion too..

Virgo - July 2018

In the next four weeks you’ll be caught in a discussion with your friends about cybersex and the difference between it and real sex. Some of your friends will be traditional and will consider cybersex at the level of masturbation and nothing more, some other will consider it stimulating and creative. You don’t have a real opinion but you consider cybersex more difficult to realize than real sex, as there are more variables included. You think you have to become a movie’s director to realize an embrace in the internet?

Leo - July 2018

In the next month you will discover cybersex, you will find new friends on the internet and you will start chatting. But some of them will ask you for more so you will have to set up a setting, silently in your room, a place for the computer, a place for you and some lights to light up your body. At the end of the month you will enjoy so much the play that you will buy underwear specifically for this kind of pleasure. Don’t get downhearted by who is asking to much from you, you will find the right lover even this way.

Cancer - July 2018

This month I have to ask you a question about sex. Which is, for you, the best part of it? Many would say that the best part of sex is coming together, others, like Francesco Alberoni (the author of the italian book Erotismo) affirm that the best part of sex is contained in an image, the act of touching, by the male sex, of the mouth of the uterus of a woman. So I repeat, what is for you the best way to represent sexual harmony?

Gemini - July 2018

This month you will find a very passionate lover, but with one weird quality: a very big sex. At the beginning you will try to protect yourself from this keeping a hand over his sex when you are making love, but as you go on he keeps pulling inside you, and when he is coming he is desperately pulling in you, and the hand in front of your sex doesn’t help that much. But he is so tender when he is coming, moving over and over taken by the spasms of pleasure that you will not feel bad any more, you will only feel understanding.

Taurus - July 2018

My compliments, you are in the first place of the month as you have found the perfect partner, lovely, clever and responsible. You think that he is perfect and you imitate most of his habits as if he was to choose for you what is best. In the bed you are his pupil, always disposed to learn, but with an inclination for disobedience that gives pepper to your relationship. The problem is: how long will you tolerate to be with someone you consider better than you, and how long will it take to get you tired of it and searching for a partner that you can consider equal to you?

Aries - July 2018

In these days you will find yourself away from home, working in a place of strangers. Your evening and night will be spent alone in an anonymous house and you will not find any diversion. My advice is to make like old Japanese fishers in 1800, they were used to keep under the pillow an erotic (or pornographic) image. Most of these images were drawn by painters and represented naked geishas and a tentacular partner, an octopus or something similarly fantastic. Use your fantasy to find a piece of eroticism in your solitude.